Hi! I am Susie, the founder of Your EFT Business

If you have landed here then you are probably wondering how you can start to create your EFT practice. Let me be of service to you.

Here you will find lots of resources to inspire, empower and support as you start out or you are developing an already existing practice.

Your EFT Business by Susie Shelmerdine

To start, create or develop Your EFT Business is such an exciting time...

It is a wonderful opportunity to create fulfilling and meaningful work that helps people transform their life whilst enabling you to realise your dreams and live your life on your own terms.

I have been where you are!

The blank stares as I started talking about EFT and people thinking I had lost the plot! The struggle to find clients which felt like I was trying to pull rabbits of out a magician’s hat! The isolation and self-doubt that threw me into overwhelm and procrastination. Feeling sooo uncomfortable as I stepped out of my comfort zone.

However, through the relationship I created with my EFT business it has enabled me to travel and teach, have the stream of clients that I am meant to be working it and enabled me to live my dreams!


Through the emotional, practical and soulful strategies I implemented!

With these simple yet effective strategies I have helped hundreds of practitioners (and some trainers) to create an abundant and joyful business relationship with their EFT business that supports and serves both them and their clients.

I even wrote the book about it!

And I now look forward to being able to help you realise your dream of creating Your EFT Business

What makes Susie unique is how she combines practical sharp business sense and strategy with compassionate emotional support through EFT Tapping. All of me was taken into account as we were developing a business plan and putting it into action

Lena Bahou
EFT & Soma Breathing Practitioner

Would you like to...?

Create and aligned and unique EFT practice?

Attract the clients you should be working with?

To communicate with clients rather than ‘market’ or ‘sell’?

Whether you want 2 or 20 clients a week, the strategies Your EFT Business gives you will help you to create your own unique thriving and joyful practice

Discover how you can get started


Get ready to embark on an empowering journey with our heartfelt book! Inside its pages, you’ll discover a treasure trove of practical and specialised EFT strategies that are tailored to guide and support you in creating or expanding your practice.

YEFTB Online Program

The online program takes the learning experience to a whole new level with step-by-step actions, in-depth knowledge, and a vibrant, supportive atmosphere. Let’s go beyond the pages of a book and unlock the endless opportunities and possibilities together

YEFTB 1 to 1 Coaching

One-to-one coaching is the preferred choice for those seeking personalised and tailored guidance. Whether it’s an emotional issue or a practical problem I am here to help. Let’s work together to empower and inspire you as you create your dream EFT practice

Susie’s marketing and business skills are so effective and I have learned so much to really create a business that is shaped completely around me and my values

Stefy, UK

Hi, I'm Susie

I discovered EFT in 2006 to help me overcome an ‘incurable illness’. I was so empassioned by the transforming effects that EFT and what would become Matrix Reimprinting that I soon became a Practitioner and then a Trainer. My niche of helping EFT Practitioners create their practices developed from passion of empowering and inspiring people to realise their dreams. I am blessed to have helped hundreds of practitioners to create a life they love living

To find out more about me please click here

It’s time to create a practice that is

Filled with purpose

Serving the clients you should be working with

Enabling you to live life on your own terms

Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself. Believe in yourself, your abilities and your own potential. Never let self-doubt hold you captive. You are worthy of all that you dream of and hope for.

Roy T. Bennett

Want to take a look at me in action before committing to anything?

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Ignite your Purpose with Passion and create a fulfilling EFT PracticeYour EFT Practice is much more than a way to pay the bills – it's a pathway to fulfilment that’s filled with purpose.As part of the foundation in the Your EFT program we explore You, Your Passions and Your Why’s!Purpose is essential to know we are on the right road and following our calling. But passion is the ignition that keeps our energy and motivation levels high to live our purpose.🔥What you are passionate about is not a luxury, it is integral to your soul. Igniting your purpose with your passions you will help you to build an EFT practice that connects you with the clients you should be working with.💕 By discovering the real Why’s to why you are creating your EFT practice then it can help you discover what’s really important to you and keep you thriving as you build your business🔥 My passions are travel, discovery and learning. This is key to my soul. Whether it’s learning about history at ancient sites or discovering new internet tools / system my need for new ‘juicy’ information is essential to keep me thriving. This is actually fulfilled when I am working with clients as I am always learning something new!What are your passions in life??
Drop me a comment below 👇👇 and let’s how they can be integrated into your business! 💕#youreftbusiness #emotionalfreedomtechnique #efttapping #eftpractitioner #matrixreimprinting
Your ‘Big Why’ is the Heartbeat of your business 💕
The foundation for your business starts with knowing why you actually want your business.
The majority of us have a vision to set up a practice without actually sitting down and addressing our ‘big why’. Your big why is the heartbeat that keeps your business alive and motivates you on the days where you might otherwise give up or lose faith in what it is you do. It is essential to fuel your big why with the reason you want your business in the first place#youreftbusiness #eftpractitioner #efttapping #emotionalfreedomtechnique #yourbigwhy
The Your EFT Business Page is back! 🥳🥳
Unfortunately, the previous Insta page was lost forever!
However, I don’t see it as a bad thing!
As I will be announcing soon, Your EFT Business is evolving and maturing, and I think having a brand new start here on Instagram is perhaps the best thing too!
This page will be full of insights and tips to help you create an EFT practice that you love!
We will explore the blocks that are holding you back whilst exploring lots of practical tips to help you excel forward!  
If you are wanting to create or develop your EFT Practice or you are just scrolling and found this post, please drop me a ‘Hi’ below
👇 💕👇#youreftbusiness #eftpractice #emotionalfreedomtechnique #efttapping
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