Are you an EFT Practitioner who wants practical and emotional support whilst you create your unique and purposeful business?

To start, create or develop Your EFT Business is such an exciting time. It is a wonderful opportunity to create fulfilling and meaningful work that helps people transform their life whilst enabling you to live your life on your own terms.
Perhaps you wish to enjoy more adventures, have more quality family / friends time, to travel, to have a sense of financial freedom or to achieve your big life dreams. The time has come when we really can make a positive difference in peoples lives whilst creating the change in our own.

Welcome to the

Your EFT Business

Online Academy

Your EFT Business is an online program that helps EFT Practitioners create the unique practice of their dreams. After the release of the Book, Your EFT Business; The Essential Guide to Creating Your Dream Pratice, many practitioners requested that this information be transfered to an easy on-line program. So, the Your EFT Online Business Academy has been born!

Whether you want 2 clients or 20 clients a week this no-pressure program is designed to support you along your journey.

Do you feel excited about the change that EFT can make in other people lives?

Do you have the desire to create a business that serves your purpose whilst helping others?

Do you perhaps feel daunted by that prospect and not know where to start?

Do you feel you want support that truly understands the unique journey you are embarking on?

You are not alone if you feel like this. There are many practitioners who have and do feel this way. Help is here

Your EFT Business is an in-depth low-cost online program that inspires and empowers EFT practitioners to create their own unique and purpose led business.

Every module contains video lessons (or you may prefer the MP3 audio option), that will empower you step by step along with way of creating your new business, whilst learning how to celebrate and share your uniqueness, who your clients are meant to be and how you can live the beautiful life you truly deserve.

There are bonus webinars for you to explore and there will be live calls with wonderful people who will be sharing their knowledge and tips and techniques to help you. There is an online support group where members can come together to discuss

Here are what some of the original EFT Masters have said about the Your EFT Business book that this program has been based on ..

This isn’t just a manual on how to become an EFT practitioner, but more a book that shows you how you can keep falling in love over and over again with what you do. It’s certainly a book I will recommend to all the practitioners I train in the future and it will change the way EFT practitioners show up in their work for years to come.
Karl Dawson

EFT Master & Matrix Reimprinting Creator

As soon as I began reading Susie’s book, I knew that I would have loved having this for myself in 1980 when I first started my private practice.

Susie has covered all aspects needed to prepare and support you in creating a dream business, whatever therapy you may be using.

This book knows exactly how to meet your emotional as well as your practical needs: it is going to become very dog-eared as well as loved. It will be there right beside you, opening your eyes to see the special gifts that you bring to your clients’ lives. Even after thirty-five years in my therapy business, Susie’s book reawakened me to more of my business potential.

Mary Llewellyn

Author of the new book: EFT Constellation

There is little or nothing new about the ideas presented in this book, but its outstanding worth is that all these valuable ideas are drawn together and presented beautifully in one place.  It is a book I would strongly recommend to everyone.

The questions Susie asks draw you to look at matters in a way you may never have considered at all—they are quite eye-opening.

It is based on EFT, but it will not only be helpful to EFT therapists. Rather it is applicable to any branch of therapy, and, in fact, any branch of endeavour. I will certainly be recommending it to all my students (and to myself!).

Dr Tam Llewellyn-Edwards, PhD

Founder EFT Master and Therapy Trainer, UK

Join the program within 48 hours of the webinar to receive your special bonus worth over £350.00

Receive the 3 webinar recordings from Realise Your Dreams using EFT & Matrix Reimprinting.

These 3 x 2 hour intensive webinars were designed to empower EFT practitioners to assist their clients in realising their dreams and was valued at over £350.00. This program is the foundation that Your EFT Business was delevoped from and built on.

As a thank you for your commitment to yourself and signing up for the Your EFT Business Online Academy, these webinars will be ready and waiting for your viewing.

Realise Your Dreams is a great accompaniment to the Your EFT Business program. Through this webinar series you will see how to introduce the original techniques to your client work and help transform your sessions.

About Susie Shelmerdine

Susie Shelmerdine started her career in recruitment and conference organising and then set up her own company in the entertainment industry.

However, a chronic and disabling illness caused her to change track. After discovering and using EFT to heal herself, she became an internationally recognised EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and trainer, delivering courses in the UK, Europe, Australia, and the US.

Susie’s excitement shines through when she is inspiring and empowering others to realise their dreams. She has helped EFT practitioners worldwide to become successful using the tools that she presents in this book. She is passionate about the ripple effect that is created when an EFT practitioner excels in their practice.

Susie has worked with owners of many types of businesses, with sales teams, sports personalities, entrepreneurs, property millionaires and banking organisations to help them increase their success and productivity—and to do so with heart.

Many of Susie’s clients have been drawn to work with her, for her unique style of empowering practitioners to deepen their knowledge of self, find their uniqueness and gain confidence and skill in sharing their purpose and passion to the world.

Susie has used all the techniques that she shares in this book personally to transform her own life and realise her dreams. One of her dreams was to relocate to Turkey from the UK. She is now happily living there and regularly enjoys swimming with the turtles and watching beautiful beach sunsets!


The Your EFT Business Academy is not a training in tapping techniques such as EFT or Matrix Reimprinting. The content of this website is copyrighted to Your EFT Business Ltd and is not to be taught or distributed without consent from the directors of Your EFT Business Ltd …. Read more here

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