What does it mean to create a successful EFT practice?

For me, it’s to know that I am living my purpose and having my needs and values met whilst I serve my clients to the best of my ability.

So, here’s the thing... I never set out to be an EFT practitioner...

I discovered EFT because I had a personal problem. I was trying to overcome an ‘incurable’ illness called M.E (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) otherwise known as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I attended a session with EFT Master Karl Dawson before embarking on the workshop. I was there purely to learn the tools and techniques to help myself.

But this is where my life’s purpose or perhaps life’s-journey really began!

I was eating and breathing EFT as it worked! I even became Karl’s assistant as my background in conferencing and promotions along with having had my own business turned out to be a benefit to him!

And then the day came…
My first client!

As I had had great success with recovering from my own illness it felt obvious to specialise in working with health issues. But that wasn’t my niche! My niche was being shown through how I worked with my clients and my own passions. It took a while (a good few years) to become apparent but when it did – it felt so good!

I am the Realise Your Dreams girl!

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting had helped me manifest and actualise so many amazing moments, experiences and things but there was one thing missing ….

The successful practice!!

I was still scrabbling for clients or training participants. Whilst my friends were ‘successful’ I was still scrabbling to pay the bills each month! I was out there ‘networking’ like a little dervish however, my business wasn’t providing for me in the way I wanted it to.


I wasn’t aligned with my business. The energetic and emotional foundations were unstable. The practical and emotional action I was taking was in conflict. My business wasn’t serving my purpose or meeting my needs and values.

I wanted to see the world whilst inspiring and empowering people. I wanted to focus more on helping people realise their dreams.

Fast forward a few months...

After creating a combined strategy of emotional, energetic and practical action, I had invites to teach in Australia, New Zealand, New York, San Francisco and Slovenia! I was being invited to take part on radio shows all around the world and presenting to EFT communities.

And … I was earning over 5000 per month through my client and webinar work.

Creating my EFT business changed my life drastically and in ways I would never have imagined when starting out!

I recreated these strategies with my clients and EFT practitioners and the strategies worked!

And my passion for business shone through. I loved helping practitioners create their business and my business yet again evolved!

Your EFT Business was born!

I have helped 100’s of practitioners to create a business that is aligned with their purpose, their needs & values and that generates a good income!

I even wrote a book so that practitioners could have the techniques at their fingertips! Not bad accomplishment for someone who is borderline dyslexic!

Creating the online program however took it all to another level as it enabled me to really go in-depth about the topics and give so much more information!

I love my job!

I still ‘travel’ the world working with clients and presenting to practitioners, however thanks to Zoom I don’t even have to leave my house to connect with India, America or Europe.

And, I am still as passionate as ever about inspiring and empowering people to realise their dreams especially EFT practitioners who wish to create their businesses. Through the EFT client sessions, Business Sessions, Business Coaching Groups and Webinars that I do, I get more of a buzz from it all than I ever have. I feel truly blessed that I connect with the most amazing people who are committed to embracing their own journey as they help others with the power of EFT.

To have a squizz at some of my accomplishments check out below

Let the blatant bragging begin...

The EFT journey began. Daily tapping and creating fun exercises to ensure I stuck to the new routine!


My first client! She bought 5 sessions! I will always remember how scared I was to be entrusted with her fears. Thankfully it went well! Her fear of flying was reduced so she could go on holiday!


I became an EFT Trainer – YAY! I promoted my first course for the following year! I had 3 paying people on the course, plus a few friends I roped in and my mum!


I was featured on BBC Midlands News and on BBC Radio about using EFT to help with my illness.


I became one of the first Matrix Reimprinting Trainers!


The first Matrix Reimprinting using EFT book by EFT Master Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby was published and featured 2 case studies from me. The first was about working with Trauma and the second was working with a professional Golfer. The book then went on to be re-published with Hay House.


My tooth also found fame in Richard Flooks book, ‘Why I am Sick?’! The case study was demonstrating that Matrix Reimprinting was the first known technique that could effectively help with infection and swelling.


The birth of Realise Your Dreams took place and the magic really started to happen!


I realised what I thought was my hardest dream to manifest – meeting a cheetah!


The adventure began travelling, exploring and sharing ways of using EFT. Not only were my clients and course participants needs and values being met but, my business was fulfilling my own needs and values too. And I was getting paid for it!! How does it get any better?

2011 / 2012

The 2nd best decision I made in my life - I moved to Turkey! I say not intentionally but my manifesting work would say differently! I have been here ever since!


My Realise Your Dreams work was featured in the Transform Your life, Transform your beliefs by EFT Master Karl Dawson and Kate Marillat (Chapter 13 – just saying!)


MY BOOK! I am still pinching myself! I wrote down all the key strategies and exercise that I personally used on myself and with my clients so that you can create a purpose-filled aligned business that fulfils you a lot quicker than I did. At my book launch my book made its way into the hands of Authors Dr Bruce Lipton, David Hamilton P.h.D Robert Holden ….. bragging photos attached!


I launched Your EFT Business Online Program! The online program was re-launched receiving amazing feedback from those who were creating their EFT Businesses.


Best decision I ever made! I married my hubbie. Way too many years of tears and tapping about having a healthy and happy relationship finally paid off!


I revamped and relaunched the offerings of Your EFT Business into what it is now. I wanted to be able to connect more with people and so changed the format of how the program is delivered. I also gave the website a facelift at the same time!


Still enjoying every second of helping practitioners realise their dreams!


If you are interested in creating an EFT practice where you can live your purpose, be of valuable service to your clients whilst having your own needs and values met, then I am here to help

And if want to get to know me a little more here are some of the questions I have been asked frequently

For me that is simple to answer….. attracting my husband! I was a disaster zone with relationships! Even though I started tapping on my relationship issues in 2007 it all came to a head in 2016. I met my now husband in 2017! Every day I have immense gratitude that he is in my life and I honestly love him more each day.

Apart from being EFT’s ‘Homework Queen’ and having my healing journey featured on BBC, apparently, I am best known for my realise your dreams work for meeting a cheetah!! What can I say?! Cat’s sell!

Yes I still use EFT personally but it is definitely not as frequently as I previously did. I am by no means at Zen master level and nor do I want to be actually! I am just aiming to be the best version of me. I am still expanding into new comfort zones and creating new goals and dreams. And there are still lifes challenges which come along. For me, EFT is a support tool for life that is there for when we need it. am passionate about helping practitioners get out into the world as this tool is for me, an essential tool in the ‘living life tool box’

No more than 8 EFT emotional tapping client sessions a week. I love being able to work with my clients as they transform trauma however as I explain in the program more than 10 client sessions a week can turn me from ‘positive, everything is possible’ Susie into well ….. a grump! However I also have business client sessions and group coaching, content sessions, purpose sessions, webinars, teaching etc.

It is a myth that you have to have XX amount of clients to be ‘successful’. It’s the quality of the exchange that is most important and you recognising that by you looking after your energy it is actually of greater benefit to your clients and your business.

However, I would like to add that creating an EFT business is not just about how many clients you see a week. Your business has so many opportunities and possibilities to create income through purposeful work. It is important to begin creating your business being conscious of the real time you have available and the amount of energy you can give to clients. This is something we address in the first module of the program and it is important to identify as you create a business that supports you too.

If you would like to discuss the best way forward for you to create your eft business or you have further questions don’t hesitate to book in for a 15 minute no-obligation chat with me.