Which Famous People are using EFT???

Whilst hosting my recent webinar ‘Creating Conversation Around EFT’ I promised that I would publish an article with all the celebrities, famous and well-known people that I am aware of using EFT.

When it comes to conversing about EFT, sometimes a little name-dropping can help. Why? It is a great conversation starter and people always feel reassured when a well-known person has experienced and liked something. 

All of these examples can be used in your conversations or content for your social media or website. However please double check all the content before copying and do your due diligence. I have done mine to the best of my ability however I am not responsible for the content for the content you put out.

Royalty Using EFT

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall openly spoke about her fear of flying. She was using EFT to overcome the fear. Here is just one of the many reports out there…


Famous People using EFT  

As part of his Under The Skin podcast, Actor Russell Brand focuses on EFT with The Tapping Solution Founder Nick Ortner

Here are the links to the full podcast where Nick also works with Russell on a specific issue he has. Click here to go to Russells Luminary Podcast Channel

For Apple users you can access through the podcast app click here

A big advocate is singer, actor and TV personality, Michael Ball who, absolutely loves EFT! Here is what he said live on breakfast TV: “Tapping therapy is absolutely brilliant. Stephen Gately from Boyzone, God rest his soul, told me about it. It’s just a little tap that focuses the mind away from that wave of panic and adrenalin that shoots into your body”

Whoopi Goldberg used TFT to overcome her fear of flying. It is reported by many tappers she was using EFT but she actually had TFT Tapping sessions from TFT Roger Callahan as part of Virgin Atlantic ‘Flying Without Fear’ Course. Richard Branson incorporated Tapping as part of the course program. 

Bond Actress, Naomie Harris who starred in Skyfall (which I love as some of it was filmed here in Turkey) used EFT to help her overcome her performance anxiety. Naomie’s mum is a former scriptwriter for EastEnders and is now an EFT practitioner. This is a long article but a good one! https://www.theguardian.com/film/2013/nov/30/naomie-harris-winnie-mandela-interview

Back in 2008, singer Lily Allen, was highly featured using EFT to overcome her weight issues. She was using the technique to help with her cravings for chocolate, sweet and fatty foods. She admitted to being skeptical at first but found that it really helped. https://www.femalefirst.co.uk/lifestyle-fashion/stylebeauty/Lily-5725.html

Note: please be aware that in 2020 news came out about Lily’s reported addiction to dieting pills, so use this example with care and do your due diligence

In 2016, Haircut 100 singer, Nick Heyword was interviewed on BBC2 radio by Clare Balding where he discussed his spiritual awakening and how he uses EFT & tapping to help with his stress. 

Actress Lindsey Wagner who achieved fame on TV for her role as ‘The Bionic Woman’ is an EFT Trainer who runs workshops and trainings and who has supported ‘The Tapping Solution’. 

Reported but unsubstantiated EFT Use!

Or otherwise known as rumours! These examples are widely talked about over the internet however for some of them I can’t find where the claims of using EFT began.

Madonna! It is reported that Madonna is a fan of the technique but I haven’t yet found anything to confirm that 

Actress, Miranda Burns attended a course for EFT for actors / directors by practitioner Jennifer Davidson however there is no report of further use 

Formula One Champion Fernando Alonso was supposedly spotted using EFT at the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix Qualifying Day. I haven’t yet found any television footage that supports this.

Cheryl Cole was reported to be using EFT to help her overcome relationship problems with then husband footballer Ashley Cole. This was publicly reported by Alex Reid, former husband of celebrity Katie Price (Jordan) who is a big fan of EFT however Cheryl Cole has not publicly confirmed this (or that I have found). 

EFT Goes To The Olympics!! 

EFT Trainer Carey Mann who was trained by EFT Master Karl Dawson recorded a session with Olympic Athlete, Abi Oyepitan,who was using EFT to help with her shoulder pain through the 2012 Olympic Games in London. 

In 2016 whilst watching the Olympics being held in Rio, I like many other tappers got very excited when we saw the Granada Athlete, Bralon Taplin, using Tapping before he completed the mens 400m Sprint. Thankfully, The Guild of Energists were on it and  caught it on camera. 

Also at the Rio Olympic Games USA Olympic Athlete Devon Allen was also seen using Tapping before his 110 meter hurdles race 

Personal Development Industry Leaders Endorsing EFT

Best Selling Author and Co-founder of the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing. Deepak Chopra is a a licensed physician who discovered the power of Alternative Medicine. Deepak Chopra has been quoted as saying ““EFT produces great healing benefit” 

Bruce Lipton PhD, is a fan of EFT & Matrix Reimprinting. He even came to support the Matrix Reimprinting Conference held by Karl Dawson in Brighton. Attached is my ‘Bruce bear hug’ photo, which I will shamelessly show to everyone at every chance I get! Bruce has been quoted as saying this about EFT – “EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior. What’s interesting about EFT is that it is a process that really, in some sense engages… like super learning. And super learning is like pushing the record button on the subconscious mind.”

Bruce Lipton PhD EFT

Also at the EFT Matrix Reimprinting conference were bestselling Authors (and really nice guys) David R Hamilton PhD, Robert Holden PhD and Spiritual teacher and Angel Expert, Kyle Gray

The late Dr Wayne W Dwyer, self-help & spiritual best-selling Author and motivational speaker personally used Tapping as well as openly talking about its benefits “Put away your skepticism, this really works. I have … had great results with tapping in my own life”

Here are a lot more quotes from well known people in the personal development / spiritual development world who are using EFT

“I have been Tapping for years and have found it to be a pivotal tool in creating the life of my dreams. This information is essential if you want to live your best life!”  Jack Canfield, Co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and one of the stars in “The Secret”

“EFT is easy, effective, and produces amazing results. I think it should be taught in elementary school”  Donna Eden, Author ‘Energy Medicine’

“Have you tried Tapping? I truly believe that it is a wonderful and life-changing tool. If you’re not familiar with the technique, it is a wonderful tool that works on a variety of issues, from pain relief, physical issues, and weight loss to attracting abundance, clearing limiting beliefs and healing the past.Tapping is a powerful tool that can truly heal, allowing forgiveness, love, and acceptance into your life, particularly when used along with affirmations.”  Louise Hay, author ‘You Can Heal Your Life’

“I’ve used Tapping for years and highly recommend it!”  Joe Vitale, Author and one of the stars in “The Secret

“By removing emotional trauma EFT helps physical symptoms too” Norman Shealy, MD

“I frequently use EFT with my patients with great results”  Eric Robbins, MD

And many more!

If you know of anyone else who is well known and using EFT please comment below so that we can start gathering a full inclusive list. This not only helps credibility but allows you to create a good conversation around EFT.

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