The Top 5 reasons why swapping sessions can help you create Your EFT Business

Swapping is an integral part of the EFT community. I was lucky enough to be part of Karl Dawson’s first swapping group. Dave was the wonderful guy from our course who rounded us all up and we all regularly swapped sessions. Later on, Karl would develop the first swap list. In fact, it was me who created the first practitioners swap group in the UK. I learnt a lot through those months, especially the importance of biscuits at those types of events! 

As practitioners there are many reasons why we choose to swap sessions …. 

  • Clearing our stuff 
  • Emotional Support 
  • Gaining Confidence 
  • Practicing our skills 
  • Gaining our certifications or CPD points 

All of these reasons are valuable to us and are of real benefit when setting up our EFT practices however there are 5 more reasons that you may not have thought of. 

Here are the 5 reasons that you may not have realised your swap buddy could help you with 

Gaining Case Studies 

Many of the times we talk with new potential clients or if we host talks, workshops or webinars we relay sessions that is relevant to them. Often, we tell them about the transformation or an important part of the session. Some of this content will come from our personal experiences or from our training experience however your swap buddy could also consent to you using the information from your sessions if and when it’s appropriate for you to do so 

Testimonial Building 

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about gaining testimonials and mentioned asking your swap partner for a testimonial. If you are swapping regularly it is obviously a partnership that works because of what you are bringing to each other. You each have talents, skills and traits that you appreciate and value in each other so why not swap testimonials too? 

Creating promotional material 

Over the years many of us trainers have held each others hands as we stepped out creating video, webinars and Facebook Lives. Recently doing the Tapathon we yet again held each-others hands as we navigated the group Facebook live system and all the niggles that the corona virus brought to our internet connections.

You swap buddy could support you by asking you questions with your answers creating your videos. And through getting transcriptions, you could also get your blogs and social media content. You can support each other on your Facebook lives by your swap partner helping you with the comments coming in and if someone is struggling to get on to the live and likewise webinars.

Create a network of future specialists 

You are the all the practitioners and trainers of the future! You will take all the amazing information that is out there now, use it and develop it further. The saying ‘the student becomes the teacher’ comes to mind. You and the community that you are developing now will be a great resource of knowledge and practical help for your potential clients. You will be able to help your clients at a much deeper level by being able to utilise the knowledge and skills of your network. 

The best example I can give of this is that I used to refer some my clients to Sharon for a birth session if that was what was required. I am not a birthy expert and it’s definitely not my strong point, however Sharon was the expert within that field. Sharon would refer health clients or goals and dreams clients to me for one or two sessions so that I could work with the homework and in between session work with them. It was a system that worked well and we were working for the best interest of the clients. The trust we had built over the years of swaps and knowledge we had of each others work meant we could do this without any issues of fear or competition coming through. 

Have a confident and team member 

Through creating a valuable swap partnership, you have someone you will be able to bounce your business ideas off. Being self-employed can be isolating and especially as we are in a niche area it can be hard to discuss business ideas with people who don’t have an understanding of the process or the clients. You can safely confide in your swap partner about your thoughts and ideas but also you can celebrate your successes or tap on your perceived failures. It’s like your swap partner will become a valuable part of your business team. 

Do you have someone you regularly swap with as you set up and create your EFT practice? What benefits have the sessions brought to you? 

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