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If you’re hosting a training, event, or podcast where you think my expertise could be valuable, I’d be genuinely excited to connect with you to discuss the opportunities and possibilities of collaborating together. 

Throughout my journey, I’ve had the privilege of training EFT Practitioners from all corners of the globe. Whether it was in-person in Australia or through Zoom in Pakistan, I’ve had the honour of meeting and collaborating with incredible individuals who share a common passion – the desire to help others transform their lives.

While the pandemic limited my physical travels (like everyone else), it created new opportunities and possibilities to connect worldwide through the internet. From the comfort of my living room, I’ve virtually travelled the globe, connecting with like-minded individuals, spreading the power of EFT and inspiring practitioners.

If you believe that I could be a valuable addition to your event, whether it’s a webinar, masterclass, training, workshop, or speaking engagement, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to discuss the details with you and explore how we can collaborate to create a meaningful and transformative experience for your audience.

Contact me here or send me an email at susie@youreftbusiness.com

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