Your EFT Business

The Essential Guide to Creating Your Dream Practice

What would it feel like to create an EFT practice and live the life of your dreams?

This book will help you turn that dream into a reality!

Your EFT Business; The Essential Guide to Creating Your Dream Practice will lead you step by step with specialised EFT strategies to enable you to build or expand your EFT practice


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We spend approximately 90,000 hours working in our lifetime! It’s these hours where we contribute to society and to our own goals and dreams.

This is a lot of hours where we could be working in a purposeful, soulful way that is of real benefit to people whilst giving ourselves the freedom we desire.

What if, you – yes you! could create a thriving practice, helping multiple clients to resolve their challenges, overcome their traumas and fear and life the life they choose?

Wouldn’t this be an exceptional rewarding 90,000 hours well spent!

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This heartfelt book will help you

Get a much clearer idea of who you are in your business

Feel confident to develop your business presence

Create your unique message

Plan your business

Market yourself in a way that feels authentic to you

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It’s an absolute gem of a resource and a reflection of Susie Shelmerdine’s knowledge level in this area. Because of this book, a multitude of practitioners of EFT practitioners are going to succeed in business where they didn’t before.

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If you are not sure if creating your own practice is for you, don’t worry I have you covered!

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