Are you an EFT Practitioner who is looking for affordable support and guidance to create the EFT practice you are dreaming of?

Discover how Your EFT Business can inspire, empower and guide you through creating the foundations of your new practice.

Are you an EFT Practitioner who is looking for affordable support and guidance to create the EFT practice you are dreaming of?

Discover how Your EFT Business can inspire, empower and guide you through creating the foundations of your new practice.

To start, create or develop Your EFT Business is such an exciting time. It is a wonderful opportunity to create fulfilling and meaningful work that helps people transform their life whilst enabling you to live your life on your own terms.

However, it can bring up feelings of overwhelm, frustration at not knowing where clients will magically appear from which ultimately leads to procrastination and giving up. It can be isolating as you step out of your comfort zone to start running your own business. On top of that it can feel like you are the office manager, marketing executive, accounts department and technical support – and that’s before you actually start seeing clients that day!

Do you perhaps feel daunted by the prospect of creating your business and not know where to start?

It takes courage and strength to start Your EFT Business and just by visiting this page and researching how you can turn your dream of making Your EFT Business into reality, you are taking brave steps forward.

It is at this time of initial looking and researching on the internet that we can be bombarded and feel pressured by all the courses that offer to create the ‘6 figure business’ and ‘high end’ products when you may just want to create a business that helps your clients and yourself to realize your dreams.

Perhaps you are creating your business with the goals of;

All of us have our own unique reasons for creating our business and for the majority of practitioners starting out they want a business can make a positive difference in peoples lives whilst creating the change in our own.

This is why Your EFT Business was born!

Whether you want 2 clients or 20 clients a week the Your EFT Business Academy can help you get started or improve your client attraction

Your EFT Business is NOT…

Your EFT Business is all about helping you to joyfully and easily connect, plan and promote your business in a way that is comfortable to you!

Tell me more about Your EFT Business

Your EFT Business is an in-depth low-cost online program that inspires and empowers EFT practitioners to create their own unique and purpose led business.

Within the site there is a series of 14 modules that help you access you and the unique qualities your eft business offers. Alongside these modules are lots of resources and tips and tricks to help you advance further.

Our mission statement:

Your EFT Business is all about you connecting in a heartfelt and purposeful way with your new potential clients

Your EFT Business will give you practical guidance and emotional support step by step along your new journey

This program was born from the book Your EFT Business; The Essential Guide to Creating Your Dream Practice by Susie Shelmerdine. With the acknowledgement and feedback that some books just sit on the shelf with every good intention to be read but ultimately become another thing to dust, the idea came to make an online program. The program enables more indepth and interactive content whilst really being a support system for up and coming EFT practitioners. Let’s face it a book can only give so many step by step instructions and doesn’t comfort you when you are having one of those days!

Your EFT Business on-line academy will give you practical guidance and emotional support step by step along your new journey. Included are the practical ‘how to’s’ AND help and assistance in overcoming emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that occur throughout the process.

You need to know how to build your website, how to find your clients whilst addressing the fear and uncertainty that can arise and any limiting beliefs that may come through. Putting yourself out there can be an emotional rollercoaster at times, especially when you don’t have practical support or community environment to help you along.



14 modules with over 39 hours of useful content that will support and guide you practically and emotionally whilst you create a strong foundation to your business. Click here for the module information pack to discover what there is and how it works


Community is important as creating a business can be isolating at times. There is a live private forum within the site where you can interact with fellow practitioners and trainers alike. Susie will be on the forums regularly helping where possible


We all want the go-to-guides for setting up and systems. This section has all you need from the data protection regulations, to which systems rock and loads of freebie webinars / cheatsheets to help you

Learning Opportunities

Your EFT Business offers you the chance to learn from experts in their field. From EFT Trainers to social media or system automation experts you will have the chance to learn from them


The chance to ask your questions directly inside the private forums means you have the support as and when you need it. There will also be live calls with experts that you can participate in


By buying this program you are actually paying a one-off fee that gives you a lifetime access to the program and all the extra contents. You can learn and create at a time convenient to you and if the need arises you can press pause. You can also dip in and out of the content as your business grows and develops

Do you feel excited about the change that EFT can make in other people lives?

Do you have the desire to create a business that serves your purpose whilst helping others?

But what’s the price?

Premium Membership

Full access to:  
14 modules with over 40 hours of content – Click here to see the modules
An extensive resource section including the rolodex of systems
Bonus webinar series and content
Members only live and interactive video / webinars
Private forum areas with access to Susie
Heavily discounted learning and development opportunities with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainers
Unlimited access to the monthly Freebie Friday giveaway


About Me

Susie Shelmerdine
EFT Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, Author of ‘Your EFT Business; The Essential Guide To Creating Your Dream Practice’

Susie Shelmerdine started her career in recruitment and conference organising and then set up her own company in the entertainment industry.

However, a chronic and disabling illness caused her to change track. After using EFT and achieving 100% recovery, she became an internationally recognised EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and trainer, delivering courses in the UK, Europe, Australia, and the US.

Susie’s excitement shines through when she is inspiring and empowering others to realise their dreams. She has helped EFT practitioners worldwide to become successful using the tools that she presents in this book. She is passionate about the ripple effect that is created when an EFT practitioner excels in their practice.

Read more about Your EFT Business and Susie here