Your EFT Business …. Helping EFT practitioner’s create the EFT practice of their dreams

So many programs or coaches offered practical support, emotional work, purpose alignment, technical know-how but none of them offered it all!

There was a void …. So we filled it!

Your EFT Business Academy all started with a book. Books are great, but they don’t offer a supportive community or an interactive learning environment. So, creator Susie Shelmerdine, decided to build on the book …. And build and build until finally the Your EFT Business could offer you everything you need to create and start Your unique and purposeful EFT business.

So what is there?


There are 14 learning modules (plus a few extras) which guide you through the practical know-how as well as addressing the emotional blocks that can rise. Within each module there are ‘lessons’ which all contain a video, a downloadable audio track, a workbook and some modules have bonus extras.


After searching for legal information, which systems to use etc Susie has included a resource section which not only gives you a rolodex of great technical systems that will help you from working with clients to automation but also keeps you up to date with what you legally need to do to set up as a practitioner


A safe place has been created within the website for practitioners to communicate with one another and to have direct access to Susie and all the supporters of Your EFT Business. After setting up a Facebook Group, Susie had the same problem as the original members … distraction! So we decided to bring the group inside the site, offering a more secure and focused area.

Members benefits

Lots of extra free and heavily discounted opportunities to learn and discover more within EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

What’s the price?

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Full access to:  
14 modules with over 40 hours of content – Click here to see the modules
An extensive resource section including the rolodex of systems
Bonus webinar series and content
Members only live and interactive video / webinars
Private forum areas with access to Susie
Heavily discounted learning and development opportunities with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainers
Unlimited access to the monthly Freebie Friday giveaway


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Who is behind Your EFT Business?

I want to share my insight and share other’s insights to empower people with the skills and courage they need to shine their light in the world. To be help people to value themselves, value their part in the world and to help them move forward with pride and confidence into realising their dreams, is the ultimate privilege for me. - Susie Shelmerdine

Hi I am Susie, the founder of Your EFT Business and International EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Trainer. My background in business started at 16 years old when I started work within conference and events industry. At 19 I became the youngest Recruitment manager in the UK – why? Because of my special infinity and nature with clients that was blossomed and nutured by a great business and sales coach. In 2006 EFT was brought to my attention as I was looking for something that would help the symptoms of a supposedly ‘incurable’ illness. I met EFT Master Karl Dawson and my transformation started. After a 80% recovery of symptoms within 3 months I started to assist Karl as his administrator. I was there for the development, creation and birth of Matrix Reimprinting and I am one of the original training team.

My purpose is to inspire and empower people to joyfully and easily realise their dreams and it broke my heart that fantastic practitioners were unable to set-up their practices and attract clients all due to a lack of practical knowledge which then fed their emotional and belief blocks. I wanted to set about changing this. All the content, information and techniques I have included have been in development and evolvement for the past 10 years! It has been a slow but amazing journey of learning, practice, development, redevelopment, refinement and putting all the pieces into place. Plus overcoming my own blocks and stuff throughout the way!

However, Your EFT Business is not just the ‘Susie show’. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioners and trainers will be contributing as will experts from the business world. This is will be an ongoing program that will continue to bring you development as you need it on your journey to creating Your EFT Business

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