How do you gain testimonials when you don’t have enough clients yet?

As we step out in our early days as practitioners and we are working on our promotional information there is one thing that can bring up our insecurities and ultimately lead to procrastination: 


All the business experts say testimonials, testimonials, testimonials! Why? Because they build a level of trust and demonstrate you’re capabilities. They are your word of mouth advertising in a way. But when we are starting out as practitioners we don’t have many, if any, to be choosing from. This can lead to worries of running before you can walk and bring up issues such as not being good enough, not experienced enough and not knowing enough. It can take a big knock to our confidence. 

However, your ‘get yourself off the ground’ testimonials are there waiting for you! 

Here are a few ways you can get your initial testimonials joyfully and easily 

Your Swap Partner 

As we all do swaps when we are learning, and many of us continue that on long after our initial training stage, why not ask your swap partner for an honest review or testimonial about how they find working with you? This is great especially if you have been working together for a while as they will be able to give insights into you that a client will love to learn about.

Your Case Studies 

As many of you will have had to do case studies for your EFT qualifications or for further trainings, then ask your case study for feedback and ask if you could use it as a testimonial. 

Your Trainer 

It may be possible that your EFT trainer will have seen your case studies and been aware of how you are progressing with your skills. If they have qualified you, then they believe in you. It’s worth an ask! 

Use this opportunity as a way to promote 

Offer a session to a limited amount of people and with the condition they fill in a feedback form afterwards. It’s a good way of getting the word out but also getting genuine testimonials and feedback. 

Below are some tips for when gaining testimonials

Always gain permission to use on your website

Understand how you will both feel comfortable about sharing the information. Would your testimonial giver prefer to have their initials used or would they be open to their name being shared? Would they be willing to share a photo? 

Make it easy for your clients 

Create a structure that suits them: 

If you client is a talker rather than a writer ask if they would record it on video for you. You can even offer to zoom with them so that you can record it  

You could prepare a feedback form that people could complete. A simple word document or an editble pdf would suffice 

Work on your emotional blocks about asking

How does asking for a testimonial feel for you? What does it emotionally bring up for you? Asking for testimonials can bring up our insecurities and issues. 

Let me know either in the comments below or in the Academy Members Facebook Group comments what comes up for you. 

A testimonial can be a great way of invoking trust and security whilst demonstrating you are a credible practitioner. However, they are not essential when you are starting, but they do give us lots to tap on and an opportunity to for us transform! 

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