There is going to be so many people that are going to need our help as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners. I hope all of our practitioners use this program to get themselves out into the world, as it’s a world that needs so much help right now

EFT Master Karl Dawson
Creator of Matrix Reimprinting

Having your own business offers an amazing freedom and possibility. However, it can leave you feeling unsupported and overwhelmed, especially when you do not know how to attract clients or feel that it’s a continual struggle.

Do you find yourself……

Feeling frustrated that you don’t have enough clients?
Blocked and overwhelmed at marketing and selling?
Not knowing where to start looking for new clients?
Lacking on practical help and guidance?
Feel you are just getting by and not really achieving your business potential?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then the Your EFT Business Online Academy program is probably just what you are looking for.

Whether you are just starting out in your business or wanting to expand and grow from where you are, then this program will help you tune in to your unique awesomeness and transform from where you currently are. 

Whether you are looking for 2 clients or 20 clients a week – the academy is the place that will help you achieve your dreams 

If you could transform your business to the business of your dreams joyfully and easily – would you want to know HOW you can do it?

Now I am not talking about tapping and transforming your blocks / resistance, clicking your fingers and hey presto! your business naturally transforms. Although occasionally that can actually happen,

Generally, we need the practical guidance, the community of support and lots of action. When everything combines you have everything you need to create a great EFT business. 

Through the Your EFT Business Academy you will:

Be much more at ease marketing your business
Have more confidence in yourself and your business
Be targeting your business to the right clients for you
Be able to communicate your unique message to your potential clients AND have them excited by it!
Know what you REALLY want from your business
Have the confidence to set your rates at a price that values your service
Have exciting new client opportunities – even if you currently believe you have a limited amount of people to work with
Have lots of new action steps that excite you to start attracting new clients and new opportunities

Here is what one of our participants from our recent webinar had to say about her results

If you would you like your message to become a magnet for the right clients and to expand your business vibration then join the Your EFT Business academy and the community of like-minded practitioners. 

So, what’s actually in the Academy Program? 


14 modules plus bonus sections with over 40 hours of useful content that will support and guide you practically and emotionally whilst you create a strong foundation to your business. Click here for the module information pack to discover what there is and how it works


Community is important as creating a business can be isolating at times. There is a live private forum within the site where you can interact with fellow practitioners and trainers alike. Susie will be on the forums daily helping where possible


We all want the go-to-guides for setting up and systems. This section has all you need from the data protection regulations, to which systems rock and loads of freebie webinars / cheat-sheets to help you

Learning Opportunities 

Your EFT Business offers you the chance to learn from experts in their field. From EFT Trainers to social media or system automation experts you will have the chance to learn from them


The chance to ask your questions directly inside the private forums means you have the support as and when you need it. There will also be live calls with experts that you can participate in


By buying this program you are actually paying a one-off fee that gives you a lifetime access to the program and all the extra contents. You can learn and create at a time convenient to you and if the need arises you can press pause. You can also dip in and out of the content as your business grows and develops

What’s the investment? 

Normally I would sell this program at $429.00 yearly. However you can get this program for $250.00 and not pay a single penny more EVER! It’s a one time investment.

What’s the catch? 

There isn’t one. Simples! If you feel like you have got a real bargain (which you have) then you can always pay-it-forward in the future or sit smugly knowing you grabbed a bargain (or both)

Who is the academy by? 

The academy has been designed by EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, Susie Shelmerdine. Susie is also the author of the book, ‘Your EFT Business: The Essential Guide to Creating Your Dream Practice’. Susie has used all of these techniques personally not only benefitting her health, her financial issues, but also creating a business of her dreams.

How do I sign up? 

Take a breath, click the button and follow the directions. The system will guide you through everything. You can pay via credit / debit card or via Paypal. It is a one off payment and you won’t be charged anything else or upsold to!