Creating Conversation around EFT

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Tuesday 26th January 2021
2pm UK time GMT

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Are you struggling to explain EFT confidently and effectively?

“How do we explain EFT to new potential clients?” is a question that is asked a lot by practitioners looking to create their EFT Practice and so I decided to create a webinar that will help you;

  • Communicate what you do rather than how you do it
  • What people actually want to know from you
  • The power of your purpose and how it makes conversation so much more easy & joyful
  • Inspiring and empowering the conversation to create confidence and trust
  • Taking your conversation to the next step of a consultation

When we are unsure how to explain EFT it normally stems from emotions and beliefs blocking it. In the beginning days we can all feel:

  • That we don’t know where to start the conversation
  • Can’t say it succinctly or confidently
  • Feel insecure or worried about peoples reactions
  • Dreading the question “What do you do?”

This ultimately leads us to shying away from the conversation or blocking ourselves from having it completely. All these feelings and worries arise from beliefs such as

  • Not feeling good enough
  • Not knowing enough
  • Not being an expert
  • Not being taken seriously
  • And many more

All of these emotions and beliefs can be worked on with EFT and you probably have done. But still, you are finding yourself struggling to express what it is you do joyfully and easily

So, what if I told you that people who have joined the Your EFT Business are excited about telling everyone what it is they do? We need the practical steps as well as the emotional clearing to succeed. On Tuesday 26th January, free of charge, I am going to give you some insights into how you can also feel excited and want to have the conversation about EFT

Meet Your Host

Susie Shelmerdine

Susie inspires and empowers EFT Practitioners throughout the world to create the EFT Business that they dream of. Through addressing the emotional and practical issues blocking the way Susie helps EFT Practitioners navigate, in a fun and easy way, the joy of creating a thriving practice

Susie is the Author of Your EFT Business; The Essential Guide to Creating Your Dream Practice and has developed the Your EFT Business Online Program.  She is also a qualified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting trainer who was worked internationally