12 Days of Christmas Raffle

EFT & Matrix Community Celebration ‘Supervision Day’

Online event
Date: 16th January 2021
Value £50.00

Donated from Wendy Stoten

Our EFT & Matrix Community has grown so much globally over the past years, so our ONLINE event will allow, for the first time, MRA practitioners from all corners of the world to join in. For those who have never had the experience, Karl’s Supervision Day is like Continuing Professional Development, with Speakers presenting their specialized fields and developments within Matrix Reimprinting.

This event will be raising money for the FAST team and the amazing work they are doing for NHS and emergency workers during this time.

Tickets for this event will be available shortly however Wendy however she kindly gifted us a ticket for Christmas. The winner will be able to attend the online event and have access to the recordings.

Winner – Jimena Quiñones

Tapping Collective Membership

Donated by Kate Marillat

A free membership to the monthly soul circle that keeps you on track and aligned. It’s time to connect yourself with a community that is supporting you to be aligned and the person you were born to be

“”I would absolutely recommend The Tapping Collective…we are so lucky to have this learning and loving community where we can touch in, receive support, walk our talk, do our own inner work, and create possibilities. I feel this connection with other practitioners as essential to my own growth as a facilitator and an evolving individual.” Website Testimonial


Winner – Theresa Virgona

Empowering Your Practitioner Skills Webinar Series

Online Course
Donated by: Penny Croal
Value: Currently on sale for £99.00

Enriching Practitioner Skills: an extensive webinar series covering safety and legal requirements plus everything else that you did not learn on a workshop to ensure that you are enriching your practitioner skills. Everything they never taught you in certification! 12 webinars to help you feel more confident in your professional holistic health practice. 

Join mind-body health expert, Penny Croal, on a 12 webinar series of interviews with experienced practitioners to help de-mystify the ethics and challenges that may arise in your practice. These are the things they didn’t have time to teach you during certification, the things that you only learn on the job. From working with children, to attending to your own self-care, from creating realistic expectations for your clients, to how to navigate mental health issues, cultural differences, and “the miracle question.” This series will give you the insight and advice you need to handle your practice with grace and professionalism. Learn from the comfort of your home and interact live during the bonus webinars, or re-visit at your own convenience.

Find out more here: https://www.changeahead.biz/eps/

Winner – Ginny Cunningham

Transform The Field – Past, Present & Future

Online Webinar recording & membership
Ted Wilmont & Kate Marillat

This recorded 3 week live program was released in November and has been donated by  EFTMRA Trainers, Ted Wilmont & Kate Marillat.

We are in a unique time on this planet where the field of fear is intoxicating. What will do to reduce these fears? How will we be part of the solution?What field of behaviour and thought do we want to create? We know that it starts with us. When we change, the world around us changes.

This live interactive three week programme with swap sessions, demonstrations and training videos is designed to bring us together as a community and sharpen our skills when working in these important areas. 

Dive deeper with the tools and processes together with interviews, research papers, recorded demonstrations and two weekly live circle sessions.


Winner – Toni Malone

Full Your EFT Business online program Membership

Online program
Value: Currently on sale for £149.00
Donated by: Susie Shelmerdine

The Your EFT Business online program is all about helping you to soulfully, purposefully and joyfully connect, plan and promote your practice in a way that is comfortable to you!

The in-depth low-cost online program inspires and empowers EFT practitioners to create their own unique and purpose led business.Within the site there is a series of 14 modules that help you access you and the unique qualities your eft business offers. Alongside these modules are lots of resources and tips and tricks to help you advance further.

Your EFT Business is all about you connecting in a heartfelt and purposeful way with your new potential clients and this program will give you practical guidance and emotional support step by step along your new journey.

“This program fills the gap for many practitioners who are wanting to get started setting up their EFT practice. It will change the way EFT practitioners show up in their work for years to come and I will be recommending this program to the practitioners I train in the future”

EFT Master Karl Dawson, Creator of Matrix Reimprinting

Click here to find out more and to receive the special offer that runs out this month! https://www.youreftbusiness.com

Winner – Ivanka Bozhilova

Meta Consciousness 2-day Introduction Course

Online Course
Donated from Penny Croal
Value £250.00

Understanding our health, body and symptoms are becoming more of a necessity at this time. Meta Consciousness & EFTMRA Trainer, Penny Croal has kindly donated the recordings of her 2 day introduction workshop which will help you:

Understand the basic process of dis-ease, including the two phases of a dis-ease process

Understand the mind-body connection for illness to wellness

Discover the underlying emotional issues for certain health problems

How you can integrate this knowledge so you can really get to the root cause with your clients

Support your clients to empower their self healing journey

This information is vital for all EFT Practitioners wanting to help their clients with their journey from illness to wellness

Penny is currently supporting an amazing Charity called Buses For Homeless which is providing physical support, learning and soon emotional support for those who are homeless in London. She has offered everyone the chance to receive this course by donation, starting at £75.00. To find out more click here

Winner – Lisa

Free Hardback Copy of The Magpie Winter: A Ghost Story

Value £13.80
Donated by:  Renira Barclay

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Renira Barclay has just launched her new book and she has gifted us a copy for Christmas! The book explores Camellia’s dilemma of being able to see and hear ghosts and her journey of standing up for herself through the mayhem, illness and not being believed. This book has received great reviews including

“Little Finn, Mr Impey and of course Camelia steal the show. ? I’m not the greatest reader so to find a book that captivated me the whole way through that I couldn’t put down, has to be a masterpiece of genius.
I loved this book, I cannot wait for the next. Thank you so much Renira Barclay and for my beautifully signed copy” Amazon Review

Check it out at https://amzn.to/3rX6ulg

Winner – Lesley Darling

3 EFT & Matrix Reimprinting sessions with Derek Greenwood of EFT Matrix Therapies

Value £300.00
Donated by: EFTMRA Practitioner Derek Greenwood of https://www.eftmatrixtherapies.com

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Derek Greenwood is offering someone the opportunity to experience 3 sessions with himself so that they can get deeper with their personal work. See where the energy leads you as Derek is highly experienced working with Past life, Present Issues and Future work as well as working within the 5D light Matrix. The sessions will be on the internet.

Winner – Bruno Sade

Your EFT Business; The Essential Guide To Creating Your Dream Practice signed book

Value £12.99
Donated by: Susie Shelmerdine

This heartfelt book will help you as a budding EFT Practitioner create the thriving practice you have dreamt on. This book will

Lead you step by step, to identify your blocks and move through them

Be given practical, specialised EFT Strategies that will enable you to move forward in business

Get a much clearer idea of who you are in business. You’ll feel confident to develop your business presence and create your unique message

Also learn to plan your business and market yourself in a way that feels authentic to you

Click here to find out more: https://amzn.to/3rO3OXc

Winner – A-M

The Financial Healer; Change Your Self Worth To Increase Your Net Worth book

Value £5.74
Donated by Mark Bristow
2 Copies!!

Mark has over 25 years’ experience of working in financial services and during the course of his career has held a number of positions in FTSE 100 companies including Pensions Manager at the UK’s largest Individual Financial Adviser. Mark is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Trainer, a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. This book follows the journey of Alex and his lessons and learnings in his relationship with money and how after meeting the ‘Financial Healer’ his life and money started to turn around.


Winner – Karen Sawley
Winner – Lucy

The EFT Society; Fulfil Your Potential as an EFT Practitioner

NEW Online Membership program
Donated by: Mark Bristow

A membership for the all new The EFT Society which will be launching in February. This program will help practitioners continue their professional and personal development


Winner – Yoko Teranishi