Grab your copy of the Your EFT Business book and lets make 2020 the year you successfully create the EFT Practice your heart desires.


This book has already helped many EFT practitioners around the world gain the knowledge they need to create their own unique and thriving practice. 
If you would like to start an EFT practice either on-line or offline (or both) but are unsure of how to get going, then this book is for you.

This book will not …
Give you all the hype
Give you the answers and trendy words
Give you the Spiel of six-figure businesses
Get stuck on sales funnels, tunnels or black holes
Promise the Earth and deliver naff all! 

When I wrote this book I wrote it from the understanding of the importance of creating your own unique business. I am an EFT practitioner and EFT Matrix Reimprinting Trainer and realised that by building a strong foundation and a soul-led business made the journey to creating a successful practice joyful and easy. When I implemented the techniques in the book I took my business from struggling to pay the bills each month, to earning £5000+ a month and travelling the world to teach. It took me less than 6 months for the transition from implementation to transformation. And more importantly it happened organically and easily.

When your actions are aligned with your heart, mind and soul, your new potential clients can feel, hear and see the ‘heartbeat’ of your business. Building your business becomes a lot easier. 

Here is a fraction of what you will receive in this book.

Discovering your ‘Big Why’ for your business
Discovering what it is you are actually offering
Addressing the belief systems holding you back
Communicating your purpose
Understanding your clients on a deeper level
Creating your message
Building your ‘heartbeat’ website
Creating a relationship with money
Understanding which practical tools are available for you to use
Creating the future your heart wants

Launch the EFT business you desire in 2020!

Whether you want 2 or 20 clients a week this book will help you. 

I have already done the legwork for you and made all the mistakes, (lots of them!) so that you can learn from me and improve on it. The processes in the book are the same processes I personally used and have used with one-to-one clients for years. The information for this book took seven years of development, refining and a whole lot of tapping before it was ready!

I know it’s possible to joyfully and easily create the EFT practice of your dreams and this book will help you on your way to do so. Creating a strong foundation means the whole process can be light fun and purposeful.

Here’s what to do next;

The cost of this book is $4.99 and it is available as a PDF download. As soon as you place your order, you can download the book instantly if, it’s convenient to do so. But don’t worry we will also send you an email with the links to download so that you can do so at a time that suits you. 

Why am I selling it here cheaper than Amazon?

With self-publishing and selling on Amazon, you as the buyer will get the hardcopy book in the post. And whilst personally, I believe it is great to have a hard copy book as a seller, books come with printing costs, marketing costs, commissions etc, It is actually quite expensive to be selling a book on Amazon, although convenient!  There is also another downside to selling the book in book stores and Internet sites. It’s very impersonal. I do not get to have contact with the buyers and people feel like they can’t contact me. By selling the book in this way it takes down those perceptions and judgements of barriers. Also, nowadays we have an instant culture and it is more likely you will read it or schedule time to read the book if it comes immediately. As we wait for the post to arrive, our energy can shift focus and the book can find it’s way to the bookshelf, just to sit and wait for its day when it will be read. Instead of the book living its purpose it will just be collecting dust. I am under no illusion that many of the actual books I have sold have not been read but instead make the bookshelf or coffee tables look very pretty.

Why am I charging at all?

Because this 220-page book is the full deal. It is not a simple e-book. It is not a taster. It is the full book that I spent days, weeks, and years preparing, writing and birthing. There was definitely sweat and tears involved!

Also, I am charging because of the commitment value. If something free is offered we tend to download and separate to do later. This is about perceived and felt valued. By setting the price of $4.99 it enables people to ask themselves if this is something they are actually ready for and wanting and can justify. At $4.99 it is an affordable, valuable and justifiable addition to starting up your EFT practice. It will be also tax-deductible! 

Many of you might be wondering ‘what’s the catch?’ 

There is no catch!

Offering the booking in this way gives us the opportunity to take down the barriers for learning, connection and communication so that we can build a supportive relationship enabling you to create the EFT practice you really want. I am passionate about bringing the EFT tools to the world, and all who will benefit from them. But in order for me to accomplish my dream of these tools being readily accessible, I have to help you to accomplish yours. If there are more and more EFT practitioners creating successful practices then we can get the amazing transformation that EFT brings to as many people as possible,

Time is of the essence!

Why is this a limited offer?

This is a limited offer because in most cases I don’t actually make money from selling the book like this. Yes, it gives exposure and helps get the book get to the right people but as it actually costs me approximately $21 to promote per book, it is not an offer I can support all year round. So why do I do it? As I actually explain in the book sometimes you have to work out the costs to the value of exposure. My hope is that you will love the book and read it to find the juicy information in there. After which, you may want to join the Your EFT business Academy, or you may want other stuff from me in the future. For me this is more about relationship building. By being able to read the book you are able to see what I do, how I do it and if it is a fit for helping you on your journey.


Praise for the book

Karl Dawson

This isn’t just a manual on how to become an EFT practitioner, but more a book that shows you how you can keep falling in love over and over again with what you do. It’s certainly a book I will recommend to all the practitioners I train in the future and it will change the way EFT practitioners show up in their work for years to come.

Karl Dawson
EFT Master and creator of Matrix Reimprinting

Mary Llewellyn

As soon as I began reading Susie’s book, I knew that I would have loved having this for myself in 1980 when I first started my private practice. Susie has covered all aspects needed to prepare and support you in creating a dream business, whatever therapy you may be using. Her own experience in her business and her skills in helping others mean that this is a must-have if you really want to get started or to feel inspired wherever you are in your therapy business journey. This book knows exactly how to meet your emotional as well as your practical needs: it is going to become very dog-eared as well as loved. It will be there right beside you, opening your eyes to see the special gifts that you bring to your clients’ lives. Even after thirty-five years in my therapy business, Susie’s book reawakened me to more of my business potential. Only read this book if you want to reignite your passion for living on purpose. Thank you Susie for sharing your heartfelt wisdom so openly.

Mary Llewellyn
Founding EFT Master and Energy Therapy Trainer, UK

Sharon King

This book is not just for EFT practitioners, but a wonderful foundation book for anybody who would like to build a successful business and, more importantly, create the life of their dreams. It is packed full of exercises to help you transform your blocks to success and practical advice on how to build and market your business. Your EFT Business empowers you to clear your past, live more joyfully in the present and manifest from the future. How does it get any better than that!

Sharon King
Author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life: Tools to Transform Your Birth Experience and Create a Magical New Beginning

Sasha Allenby

For a number of years I trained EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioners around the world. I trained some of the brightest, shiniest and most talented people imaginable—people who were highly skilled at helping others to overcome their traumas and challenges. One of the things that I noticed consistently was that only a small handful of those made it as practitioners. Many just didn’t have the business knowledge or skills to get their business off the ground. Others stood in their own way and didn’t know how to move beyond their own blocks and challenges. This is the book I wished I had had for them all back then. It’s an absolute gem of a resource and a reflection of Susie Shelmerdine’s knowledge level in this area. Because of this book, a multitude of EFT practitioners are going to succeed in business where they didn’t before. I am looking forward to the transformation this is going to create in the world. If you are considering buying this book to develop and improve your EFT business, it will undoubtedly be the best investment you make.

Sasha Allenby
Co-author of Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, author of Write and Evolutionary Self-Help Book and CEO of Wisdompreneurs Publishing

Kate Marillat

This book helps you recognise the value of YOU as an EFT practitioner. I was immediately drawn in by the style and impressive practical exercises that empower you to connect to your life purpose and create a business and life you love. This book is heartfelt, easy to read and full of accounts to inspire you. I’ve learnt a lot from reading it. Thank you Susie!

Kate Marillat
Co-author of Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life

Dr Tam Llewellyn-Edwards, PhD

There is little or nothing new about the ideas presented in this book, but its outstanding worth is that all these valuable ideas are drawn together and presented beautifully in one place. It is a book I would strongly recommend to everyone. Its format is well thought-out and presented in a way that is both easy to read and informative. The presentation includes instruction and exercises, together with “Reflection Points” which lead the reader to reflect upon their reading and ideas in ways that they may never have thought about. The questions Susie asks draw you to look at matters in a way you may never have considered at all—they are quite eye-opening. It is based on EFT, but it will not only be helpful to EFT therapists. Rather it is applicable to any branch of therapy, and, in fact, any branch of endeavour. I will certainly be recommending it to all my students (and to myself!).

Dr Tam Llewellyn-Edwards, PhD
Founder EFT Master and Therapy Trainer, UK