As soon as I began reading Susie’s book, I knew that I would have loved having this for myself in 1980 when I first started my private practice. Susie has covered all aspects needed to prepare and support you in creating a dream business, whatever therapy you may be using. Her own experience in her business and her skills in helping others mean that this is a must-have if you really want to get started or to feel inspired wherever you are in your therapy business journey. This book knows exactly how to meet your emotional as well as your practical needs: it is going to become very dog-eared as well as loved. It will be there right beside you, opening your eyes to see the special gifts that you bring to your clients’ lives. Even after thirty-five years in my therapy business, Susie’s book reawakened me to more of my business potential. Only read this book if you want to reignite your passion for living on purpose. Thank you Susie for sharing your heartfelt wisdom so openly.