Tap-a-long Quarantine Questions

How are you feeling at the moment? How are you feeling about our universal time-out?

Which issues have resurfaced during this time?

What do you want to be doing?

What do you feel you need to overcome that this time has brought up?

During these times inside what is it you miss?

During these times what is it you may have ‘lost’?

During these times inside have you felt relief from not doing something / feeling something?

How have you felt about resting and taking time out?

How do you feel that some of your plans and dreams have been put on hold?

How do you feel about the future?

What uncertainties are you feeling at the moment?

What has this time given you to be grateful for?

What new things are you experiencing and doing?

What things are you doing to mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically feel happy?

What from this time will you keep as you move forward back into ‘normal’ life?

What can you create today that will make you feel motivated, happy and excited about the future?

What possibilities, opportunities and positivity has this time given you about your re-scheduled / future goals and dreams?