Newsletter – 5 May 2020

Welcome to the first members newsletter! After lots of tapping and reflections it has finally made it out to you!

So, why would I be tapping over a newsletter when I help people create their EFT practices? Apart from the fact that I too am human with my issues, It is because with what’s happening in the world at this time I have been sitting with the question of “how best can I serve you during this period of uncertainty”?

Throughout the beginning few weeks of the virus mania and the subsequent lockdowns, many of us been experiencing fight, flight or freeze moments. This has each affected us personally and uniquely. We have not only been processing our emotions and feelings about what is happening in the world, but also we are having to work through some of our old issues (or remaining little parts of those issues) that have resurfaced. I am pretty confident that if you specialise with sugar cravings and comfort eating you could create a successful practice during this time as many of us have resorted to the fridge for comfort!!!

My personal freeze moment was having so much content that I had created ahead of time and that will help you in the future (once everything is open) but how do I serve you in the present? How can I be of benefit to you during all this commotion? Once I tapped and released the freeze response and stayed with the question, the answer was simple. I will come to that further down.  Because I think there is a great post that is floating the rounds on FB at the moment that sums up the situation we are in –

We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat

This post reflects our individual circumstances and reminds is that we are going through a time where our needs and perceptions are different and that although we are going through the same storm, we are in fact not in the same boat.

The creation of the Your EFT Business site was designed for the ‘collective’ and based on years of experience. However, your needs, your current situation and the worlds perceptions are very different at the moment to where they were only 10 weeks ago. To create ‘general’ content feels like I am not being of service to you.

Therefore the answer to my question was simple ….. I need to reach out to you and ask you directly,

How can I best help you though this time?
What would you like more information on?
Is there something extra you believe that I could offering to you during this time?
Or would you rather I didn’t give anything until this time passes and allow you to focus on working through the modules?

One of the many positive things to come out of this time is the authenticity and connection we can build with those we are serving. It is time to strip away all the ego, our perceived perceptions of how we do business and to become human, to be ourselves and embrace the amazing opportunity of being able to connect at a deeper and much more soulful and purpose-filled level.

I look forward to creating a deeper and a more understanding bond with all of you. I am excited to receive your replies, which can be by email or in the forums, and I shall be reading through all them personally from my little balcony as it’s the furthest point from the fridge!

Love and hugs to you all


Tap-a-long Quarantine Questions

As many of you are using this ‘quarantine’ time constructively by tapping and working with swap partners I thought I would give you some questions that you can play with to inspire some tapping. It gives the chance to clear some of the energy around the current situation and to align with the positives.

Not every question will be appropriate to you, although you may wish to work through the list. For every answer in the first section there is an opportunity to tap and transform. You may wish to pick questions for your swap partners or use one of the questions to start the creation of reaching out to your clients.

I hope you find these questions useful to tune in.

Click here for questions


Most of you will probably be aware there has been a nightly EFT Tapathon on Facebook. The Tapathon was the brainchild of Karl Dawson and Kate Marriliat and the intention was to create 30 minute tap-a-long sessions to support and help during this time. The EFTMRA Trainers got on board and we started going ‘live’ the last week of May. There have been technology issues and hoodies but it has been a great success and Kate Marillatt has decided that the Tapathon will continue for a while. We have been raising Money for Doctors Without Borders and the donations topped £2000 yesterday. A big heartfelt THANK YOU for everyone who has donated. If you haven’t caught up with the Tapathon, which is every weekday at 7pm GMT, click below to join the Facebook Group and you can ccess all the wonderful tapping sessions from great EFT practitioners and trainers.


There have been a few members regularly posting in the forums which is great. Thank you everyone who posted and introduced yourself. It is lovely to be able to get to know a little more about each and everyone of you. If you haven’t yet posted then you can do so here

We have also had a swap request, so if you are looking for a swap partner to work through the program with please check out the section here

We had our first Your EFT Business forum coffee morning which was a lovely experience to connect and chat. However, I will be honest, the system didn’t work as I quite envisioned it and so we are working to improve the technology for that! Now that we actually have real-live people in there we are able to identify what is working and what needs tweaking and improving.

Also, I have posted in the forums that I am looking for willing volunteers who would be willing to work with me to create demonstrations of the exercises within the program. I believe that demonstrating the exercises via video would be beneficial to all the members who are working through the modules. The videos will only be used for this purpose. If you are interested please contact me directly at so that we can discuss it further.

Thank you

Thank you to those who have referred the program! It was wonderful to learn that you have all been sharing the program with people you know and I want to give a big thank you from my heart!

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