Newsletter – 29 April 2020

EFT MR Practitioners wanted to support frontline NHS staff

Hi all,

I was supposed to be sending out a newsletter to you all this week! I have actually written it, but an important opportunity has arisen that I thought may be of interest to some of you and I didn’t want it to get lost in the ‘news’. Hence, I am emailing you about this directly.

Wendy Stoten is looking for experienced practitioners who may be willing to donate a little time and volunteer to work with our frontline NHS workers. Having experience of working with Trauma is essential, as is having the proper insurance cover. This particular shout out is for EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioners however other modalities can be used if you have the required experience.

I appreciate some of you who are undertaking the Your EFT Business Academy are newly starting out however you may know of people who would be interested and experienced enough. Also, some of you undertaking the program do have enough experience and this might be an opportunity for you. Hence why I have sent it to all of you. 

I need to just clarify – this is a VOLUNTEER project. Normally I wouldn’t send out by email volunteer opportunities however we are not in normal times and I know many of you wish and feel like you could be contributing with the skills that you have.

If this is of interest please read below, copy the registration part and email to Wendy directly at You will be sent a survey and the offer of joining a Zoom discussion on Friday. If you have any further questions or require further information please contact Wendy directly through email. Other than spreading the word and maybe volunteering myself I am not involved in the organisation of this and wouldn’t be able to answer specific questions about it.

I won’t bombard you with emails so my newsletter will come to you in the next few days.

Love and hugs



For NHS Intensive Care, Emergency Department and Ambulance Workforce Staff
We are looking for experienced EFT/MRA practitioners who wish to volunteer their skills and expertise throughout the coronavirus pandemic to support our frontline workers.  
If you can spare even one hour a week, please join our team.

Our doctors, nurses and paramedics are effectively in a war zone as they fight this pandemic.
I know it’s a tough analogy – but it’s the one that is being used; that they are using.
They are either in the middle of the battle, experiencing extreme, unprecedented conditions; or preparing ‘in the trenches’ for what is highly likely to arrive; some are feeling ‘shell-shocked’ already.
From the results attained during the ‘pilot scheme’ we have been running, we believe they could benefit greatly from our emotional support and professional skills.
Many are having to experience things that they are not prepared for; others are terrified of what may come. 
Our aim is to help minimise their suffering and maximise their capacity to support others.
It feels right to continue to offer our services for free at present.

To support those on the front-line of COVID-19, we need you to be:

  • Fully qualified – Advanced with trauma training
  • Experienced – Practising regularly for at least 2 years
  • Fully insured
  • Flexible around session times, to allow shift workers to connect when they are able
  • Able to offer Skype/Zoom/FaceTime
  • Aware and capable of setting and maintaining own boundaries with the client
  • Prepared to join the Frontline Stress & Trauma Practitioner FB private group to share experiences, offer and receive support. Plus, 2 initial live Zoom meetings which will allow us to share our pilot findings, outline the project and details, prepare you more fully for what to expect, and answer your questions.

So, if this is you, we would be delighted if you would join us. 

For Registration we need:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Mobile number
  • Qualifications (course titles, year)
  • Number of years of regular practising to date
  • Fully Insured: Yes/No
  • Insurance company name
  • Your general availability: Days, time periods, exceptions
  • Ability to set up and use Zoom ( if needed Skype; Facetime; mobile phone)

We are working on making the booking system as simple as possible. If you are willing and able to join our team of volunteers, we will ask you to confirm your availability on a weekly basis, and contact you via the Frontline Stress & Trauma Practitioner FB private group or email as the need arises – please bear with us. We have no idea at this point on the take up we might have.
The agreement will be between you and the client, as it is in any therapeutic relationship.  
We just ask you to keep us informed of sessions and basic results (adapted MYCAW-style based for continuity) for our records.
We look forward to working with you in this very much needed area. You are all stars.

Love from

Wendy Stoten

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