Are you struggling to charge your worth for EFT Sessions?

Ooooh, doesn’t money press our trigger points?

Charging for our EFT / Matrix Reimprinting sessions can bring up all sort of resistance in our energy fields manifesting itself in procrastination, people pleasing and even rejection of others.

As written in the Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life book from EFT Master Karl Dawson and Kate Marillat, all our belief systems flow into our money. Our money beliefs and our relationship with money are just reflected back to us through energetic communication. When in fact, our money is just an energetic communication about our relationships with others and with ourselves.

Money is such a potent energy and we invest so much of our worth into those notes/coins/numbers on a computer.

So, how easy has it been for you to charge for your services? Are you setting your rates and receiving the money you value your sessions at, easily and joyfully?

And perhaps more importantly do you feel the money you are charging is reflecting your skills and value?

Wondering what to charge can stop our EFT business dead in its tracks! We can end up attracting no clients because we are not congruent with the rate that’s too high AND attract nobody because the rates are too LOW. That’s after we have stopped the procrastination and fear of setting the rates in the first place!

So this is why a relationship is needed for you and your money … and to start that transformation I have a question for you….

Are you ready to give yourself permission for it to be ok for you to earn lots of joyful money for the services you offer?

If the answer is yes …. Great!!

If the answer was no, or maybe, then keep reading as I can help you with that

In the ‘Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your life’ book, two exercises taken from the Creating Your Magical Relationship With Money Program were featured. The reason we look at creating a relationship with your money is that it is more about creating a relationship with the flow, with the outside world and YOUR INNER WORLD.

Money is just a form of energy exchange. So, before we start clearing and identifying beliefs, we need to get specific.

What exchange are you desiring from your clients?

By offering EFT as a business, what is the lifestyle return you are wishing for?

Is it money for the family expenses? Money for joyful and fun experiences? Money to invest… in yourself, charities, other business?

So, in true Susie style, yes …. ‘Homeplay time’…..  I am going to invite you to do an exercise which will help your energy become clear on your desires and the exchange involved.

Exercise for You 

Write down ALL the things you need AND desire money for. It’s only when we are clear what we want the exchange we can specifically start working on the aspects around it.

If you would like to know more about the importance and power of writing it down check out my earlier blog on Why Is There Is Power In Writing Your Goals Down?

After writing your list then sit back and ask yourself …. Do you give yourself permission, and are you worthy enough to receive all of this in an exchange with your clients for your services?

Then listen to your fears and those little voices that appear and use the amazing transformation skills you have to start clearing that energy.

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