Have you not got quite as far with Your EFT Business as you had hoped?

Maybe you had the best intentions but you haven’t been able to make the progress you wanted to

Maybe you feel that you need additional support in walking you through the creation of your practice

Creating a business is passion of love but in the early days it can be overwhelming, stressful and can be full of delays especially if you are creating this new business by yourself. We sometimes expect ourselves to be full of motivation, energy and enthusiasm and when that doesn’t occur we can turn in on ourselves and start to believe that that we are not capable, that it’s just not meant to be or that it’s a dream too far.

This year I have been reviewing how the Your EFT Business is serving you and many of you had said that despite the want and desire to do the program that it is just sitting there waiting to be done. This happens! I too, have courses that are sitting on my computer from a while ago that I just haven’t got round to yet. But, what’s stopping us from getting round to doing these courses that we actually want to do?

Lack of Time and Energy

Lack of support and encouragement

Lack of personal interaction

Over the past year I have been looking at how I can support, encourage and resource practitioners in a way that gives you the community feel, the accountability and the fun needed for you to accomplish your dreams.

This is why I am opening the doors to the new ‘Create Your EFT Business Program’. This program is designed to help you get started and move you forward with your business. By the end of the program you will have:

What does the program consist of?

1 x 1 hour introduction call

This is where we will discuss where you are (or aren’t) and how we can create a plan forward for you

24 Weeks of live group calls

The small intimate group will meet with Susie on Zoom every week to learn and review topics, lend support, give accountability and to keep you motivated. The call enables us to check in your weeks progress and inspire, empower and resource you as take the next step.

(Ps In true Susie style there will be homework between each week)

3 x One to One Sessions with Susie

These sessions that occur throughout the program allow us to identify your own unique business and to help you with the creation. This is where we can create a personalised strategy, focus on specific areas and support you directly

1 x Follow Up Call a month after the program

After the program concludes the support won’t end. There will be a follow up call a month after to check in with you and see how you are continuing with creating your business

Direct Message access to me and the members of the program

Using a specific app it enables us to share resources, communicate and support one another. Here you will have direct access to Susie too. The app is not a Facebook Group or website forum etc where messages get lost or minds wanders! This is a specific app for the participants of this program only.

Who is the Your EFT Business Creator Program for?

Before I open this program to all EFT Communities, I am offering this program to the Your EFT Business Members first. Why? Because you have made that initial step and I want to nurture, empower and inspire you so that you turn your dream of having the EFT practice you want into a reality. This is for people who have maybe struggled to actualise the program by themselves or is for people who need accountability because life keeps getting in the way.

It’s for those who;

This program is not;

A large group environment
This will be a small intimate group of a maximum of 6 people so that you have both a community whilst still receiving dedicated support on creating your own individual EFT practice.

A weekly tap-a- thon
We will be getting hands on and practically working to get you where you want to head to. Although your emotions and blocks of course will be identified and supported, this course is focusing more on the practical. You are more than welcome to connect with the other members of the programs for swap sessions to work on what has come up for you.

A weekly check-in, pat on the back and a quick chat
You will be given homework each week and each week we will be getting clear and focused on how to move you forward.

For those who are more advanced in your journey
Some of you will already have your business established and are looking for more marketing, social media support and guidance to directly connect and communicate with your clients. This is not an ideal program for this. I will be launching in the new year the Developing Your EFT Business program where we will be focused on helping, supporting and taking you step by step on how to create your unique marketing strategy. If this is more suited to you, pop me a message or book in for a chat (see below) and I will keep you informed of the details and when it is launching.

How does this program differ from the online course?

Accountability – With our weekly group meetings you will be given small tasks to accomplish each week. This helps move your business forward whilst keeping the workload manageable.

Going much deeper than the online program – We will roll our sleeves up and get hands-on with your business. The online program can only go so far and this course is about ensuring you have everything you need to succeed.

Focused on getting you out there – We look at where you currently are as to where you want to be. We will create an individual journey plan for you and use the group energy to support and motivate you.

We use the online program as a reference point only – Although we will refer to the program in some cases this program is really about in-depth and applying the practical information to your business

What is the program content?

The program is split into 4 parts;

Creating Your Foundations

Discovering the why’s in why you want your business

Aligning to your values

Getting clear on your communication

Discovering who your clients are and why they would want to come to you specifically

Understanding the real time you have for your clients

Creating the relationships

Creating an emotional and practical relationship with your business on all levels

Creating the communication between you and your client

Understanding your clients and who they may be

Understanding what your new potential clients want from you

Creating a framework that fits your uniqueness so that it is expressed more joyfully and easily

Creating a relationship with money that serves you AND the client

Creating Communication

Breaking down all the misconceptions and beliefs we have about marketing and create a real and genuine communication strategy that fits your clients needs

Discovering how you like to communicate

Helping you refine your communication

Creating the technical side so that is helps and serves you joyfully and easily in your communication including; website, social media, content, video, google etc

Creating Client Attraction

We get into the serious but fun work of client attraction

After the creation of the communication, we will work both practically and energetically to attract the clients you should be working with

Taking practical yet supported steps in reaching out to your new clients

This program will be starting in January 2023

To learn more about the program and to see if it’s a fit for you please book in for your discovery call with Susie

What’s the investment for this program?

The normal price of this program will be £2250 however for members of this program it will reduced by 33.3% to £1500. There is an instalment plan available

The pricing of programs like this do have a higher price point as they are offering much more value and personal contact but of course this can lead to questions and doubts such as:

Is it worth it?   Is it right for me? Will I make my money back? Can I justify spending this money on me? Am I actually going to do the program?

These are actually great doubts to have!!! These are the right questions to be asking in helping you decide whether or not this is the right journey for you or not. The answers however can not be found without you having more information.

This is why I am offering everyone who is interested in this program the chance to book in with me for a 30-minute chat to discuss whether or not this program is right for you or not. It also helps me identify where you are in your journey and as to which group will be more suitable for you.  After all, if we are embarking on essentially a 6-month journey together we need to ensure it’s the right journey from the start for you.

Fill out the Book Now Form at the foot of the page

I have the availability to work with 2 groups of 6 people and give you all the dedicated attention, support and guidance that you will require. However, 6 people per group is a maximum in order for me to serve you the best I can and for you to receive the value of the program. Therefore there are technically 12 places available however it will be over two groups of 6 people.

Yep, there is no Buy Now button! No, this not a marketing strategy. I am asking everyone who is interested in wanting to participate in this program to book in a chat with me first. I want to serve you in the best way possible and that means chatting with you, finding out what you want to achieve from the program and practical things like, where you are in the world (timezones) etc.

So, if you would like to know more or reserve your place please contact me

No! This is me, after all! You don’t have to worry!

I have your needs as my priority and if I think this course is not for you then I will say so.

When this program launches out into the world the price will be at £2250 with no discount.  I am giving pretty much 6-months of my energy to support, inspire and empower the program participants.

However, yes, I am offering discount to the members of YEFTB because:  

You have already invested in the program and so already have a lot of resources that we can refer to. The fact that you are looking at buying into this program means that a lack of personal support has hindered you in your progress. So, this enables me to give you that.

You are no strangers to who I am and how I work and therefore you know roughly what you will be getting – a hyperactive positive cheerleader who likes to give you lots of resources and homework because I love it when you reap the rewards of your efforts.

I actually get to work with you and personally empower you on your journey

Ultimately this all makes the process more joyful and easy for us all and therefore this is the reason for the discounted rate to members of YEFTB.

This will be the only time I run this program live until September 2023. Due to the nature of the program being focused on the participants journey over essentially a 6-month period I am only able to run this program twice a year. If you are unsure of whether this is time for you or not, honestly do book in and speak to me and we can talk it through and find the best starting time for you.

Book Now

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you more with your journey into creating Your EFT BusinessLove and hugs