Using Colour in Your EFT Business

Did you know individual colours have an energy and vibration which speaks to our subconscious?

Our choice of colour for our business is important as these colours convey a subconscious message to our potential clients. The colour combinations of your logo, your website and your branding are all silently speaking your purpose to your client. It is important that these align with your purpose and your avatars needs and wants.

Through this video EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, Sharon King, will take us on a journey of the understanding of the importance of colour in Your EFT Business. Sharon who is formerly a colour mirrors Trainers has an in-depth understanding of the emotional meanings to each colour.

This webinar will address

Colour and it’s impact on us 
A basic overview of the negative and positive meanings of colours
Why you are attracted to or repelled by certain colours
Why which colour as a practitioner you wear can be important 
How having an insight about the emotional meanings of colour can help you understand your client on sight
How your website and logo subconsciously speaks to your clients

This is a long bonus video, at 2 hours long, but as our schedules very rarely match up nowadays, I took the opportunity to get as much info as possible for all of you, and I promise there is a lot of valuable information in this video. So, you will probably want to grab a cuppa, notepad and pen before you start watching!