“The beautiful thing about learning is that it opens up your mind to endless possibilities, and the most beautiful possibility is the ability to help others.”

Debasish Mridha

2024 Live Events & Programs

Manifest Your Money Mojo

Is money the root of all evil? No! In fact, Money is just an energy of gratitude and value. Money has been at the receiving end of our projections for far too long! What if you had a relationship with money where you felt supported, nourished and thriving?

This program will dig out the outworn beliefs, judgements and perceptions that are holding you back from a joyful and easy money flow. We will activate your money mojo so that you can begin to trust your new magical relationship with money.

Date : TBA

Activate Your Client Attraction

Are you looking to attract more clients? Using the collective energy we will be focusing on clearing your emotional and energetic blocks with EFT based exercises. There will be practical action steps for you to follow as we search out limiting beliefs and create space for your clients to come to.

Date: TBA

Create Content with Confidence

Stuck for ideas on content? This program will help you get in your creative zone and inspire you to get out there and educate, empower and connect with your new potential clients.

Content is key to being found on the internet whether it’s through a written blog, social media posts or video however sometimes it can feel overwhelming to continue coming up with ideas and what about the times where you just don’t have time? This program will help you capitalise on your creative content and keep your content flowing whilst you rest and relax.

Date: TBA

Realise Your Dreams using EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

Discover the power of using EFT & Matrix Reimprinting to make your dreams and goals a reality. I will be sharing all of the knowledge, tools and techniques that I have learnt over the past 17 years which you can use personally and professionally with your clients.

This program will be held at the end of 2024

Date: Winter 2024