Your EFT Business

Inspiring and Empowering EFT Practitioners worldwide to create the practice of their dreams

Are you looking to start or develop your EFT practice and having practical and emotional support whilst you do?

Maybe you recognise yourself in some of the following:

  • I love EFT but the thought of websites, social media, marketing etc make me pull back from moving forward
  • I have no idea where I will find my clients from
  • I feel pressured to niche and I am unsure if I have one or even want one
  • I don’t want to have to be all ‘salesy’

What if it didn’t have to be like this?

Are you wanting to

Create an aligned and unique EFT Practice?

Attract the clients you should be working with?

Grow your business as you grow?

Whether you want 2 or 20 clients a week, Your EFT Business is here to inspire, empower and support you in creating your own unique practice that reflects your purpose and your very being


In this heartfelt book you will be given practical and specialised EFT strategies that will enable you to create or grow your practice 

YEFTB Online Program

Taking the book much further with more step by step actions and indepth knowledge.  A members supportive members community with the resources you need

YEFTB Coaching

for those who wish to get really focused on what’s holding you back emotionally or practically

My name is Susie and I created Your EFT Business through my passion of inspiring and empowering people to realise their dreams.

I discovered EFT in 2006 and thought that my previous skills in sales and marketing would mean that I would easily build an EFT practice quickly and effectively. How wrong was I??!! My journey took me starting an EFT practice with minus figures in the bank to even more minus figures in the bank and very little clients. There was lots of tapping happening and lots of promotion happening but the clients weren’t coming. Once I aligned my purpose, my passion and my values with my practice and I started to communicate instead of selling, I created a client and workshop practice that was generating £5000 per month, every month and enabled me to live my dream of living by the sea. My client work has been featured in several books on EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and I was interviewed on BBC radio and BBC news. I authored the book ‘Your EFT Business; The Essential Guide to Creating Your Dream Practice and created the online in-depth program which guides, supports and empowers practitioners to realise their dreams of creating an EFT practice which purposeful, authentic and unique.

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