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Your EFT Business by Susie Shelmerdine

To start, create or develop Your EFT Business is such an exciting time...

It is a wonderful opportunity to create fulfilling and meaningful work that helps people transform their life whilst enabling you to realise your dreams and live your life on your own terms.

I have been where you are!

The blank stares as I started talking about EFT and people thinking I had lost the plot! The struggle to find clients which felt like I was trying to pull rabbits of out a magician’s hat! The isolation and self-doubt that threw me into overwhelm and procrastination. Feeling sooo uncomfortable as I stepped out of my comfort zone.

However, through the relationship I created with my EFT business it has enabled me to travel and teach, have the stream of clients that I am meant to be working it and enabled me to live my dreams!


Through the emotional, practical and soulful strategies I implemented!

With these simple yet effective strategies I have helped hundreds of practitioners (and some trainers) to create an abundant and joyful business relationship with their EFT business that supports and serves both them and their clients.

I even wrote the book about it!

And I now look forward to being able to help you realise your dream of creating Your EFT Business

What makes Susie unique is how she combines practical sharp business sense and strategy with compassionate emotional support through EFT Tapping. All of me was taken into account as we were developing a business plan and putting it into action

Create and aligned and unique EFT practice?

Attract the clients you should be working with?

To communicate with clients rather than ‘market’ or ‘sell’?

Whether you want 2 or 20 clients a week, the strategies Your EFT Business gives you will help you to create your own unique thriving and joyful practice

Susie’s marketing and business skills are so effective and I have learned so much to really create a business that is shaped completely around me and my values
Stefy, UK

Where are you at in your journey?

Not sure I want a practice or not!

Are you at that point of considering that your dream may become a reality however you are still unsure if it’s the right decision for you?

I want an EFT practice but I am on a serious budget!

I started my EFT business with minus figures in the bank! I got you! There are plenty of ways to get the help and support you need without it costing a fortune

I want to create my practice asap and get going!

We definitely have a variety of ways to support you as you create your practice.

I have a practice but I need support in promoting or developing it

Taking your practice to the next level can be a testing time where you need some support, advice and accountability.