Do you feel you are ready to live your purpose and make an extraordinary impact in the lives of others by creating your EFT practice?

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Whether you want 2 clients or 20 clients a week the Your EFT Business Program can help you get started or improve your client attraction

“There is going to be so many people that are going to need our help as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners. I hope all of our practitioners use this program to get themselves out into the world, as it’s a world that needs so much help right now”
EFT Master Karl Dawson
Creator of Matrix Reimprinting

Are you ready to feel more connected, more capable and more confident to grow the EFT practice that you have been dreaming of?

The Your EFT Business program gives you the emotional and practical guidance you need as you start to create your practice.

The in-depth modules and libraries of videos have been designed so that you use them to build a strong foundation and create your purpose filled EFT practice that will guide you as you grow and expand with your business.

“I would have loved having this for myself in 1980 when I first started my private practice”
EFT Master, Mary Lewellyn Bowen


14 Essential Modules to success

Through the videos and workbooks you will be able to create a spiritually aligned EFT Practice that supports you whilst you realise your dreams. We start the modules identifying, clarifying and communicating your purpose along with your whys and wants. After which we then start the journey of guiding you through the emotional blocks which can arise as well as the practical adventures you will embark on.

50+ hours of learning

Delve in, in your own time, to the video lessons within each module. There are additional demonstrations for you to watch and bonus webinars and interviews along the way.

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Along with the modules you will discover our recommended section, the rolodex of great resources, additional bonus webinars and marketing resources


Ask your questions, grab a coffee, join us on a live!

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With 4 lessons designed to help you gain strong foundations of why you want Your EFT Business. Here you will discover your big why and how to align you’re your EFT Practice with your purpose. You will also discover how to communicate your purpose with others joyfully and easily whilst creating a business that fits your life and the life you are trying to create. In this module you will also have access to two additional bonuses; Discover Your Zing audio workshop and the Discover Your Values webinar

Is it essential for you to be able to define what it is you are actually offering to enable you to connect with your clients. After completing these 5 lessons you will be able to define your uniqueness and who you are to your client more easily along with being more clear of who it is you will serve and how you can set yourself apart from other practitioners. Emotional alignment with tapping exercises is also covered as this module is a ‘big one’ about stepping into our worth

‘The Message’ which is a culmination of all the previous answers you have accrued from the previous two modules will start to be born throughout the 3 lessons in this module. Your message is an important part of being able to communicate your business and here in this module you will be guided and supported as you create. There is also an additional emotional check-in video and support materials to ensure you are feeling good and aligned with everything

What is your relationship with money? How do you feel about charging clients? What should you be charging clients. This module will explore the important topics you need to look at around money so that you can have a positive and joyful relationship with money

Here we will look at the not only the legal stuff you need to know but also about your beliefs and emotions about your business and how to create a joyful and balanced relationship with your business

Getting yourself out into the world so your new potential clients can find you is essential. Throughout this 5 lesson module you will discover about how you can identify what your client is wanting to know from you and how you can share your gifts with the them. We take the fear out of connecting through your marketing so that you can feel more comfortable in being authentic in your communications. Branding yourself is also covered and there is an additional bonus webinar about the use of colours and their meanings in your business.

In this 3 lesson module we explore where your new potential clients may be and the different ways you can connect and reach your new potential clients from using the internet to getting in front of people face-to-face.

Although so much of our world is now on the internet, we still like that personal touch! Marketing tools such as business card and flyers are still a useful part of our day to day marketing as is advert creation for local newspapers and magazines. This module will help you to stand out in the crowd and also help you identify the costs vs costs of time of marketing yourself this way.

This is one of the bigger modules that enables you to get a good foundational understanding of marketing yourself online. From using social media to webinar systems we explore the variety of options available to you. We also have an emotional check in here as technology and putting ourselves out on the internet can be daunting and bring forth our emotional blocks

We discover here the benefits of blogging for those who enjoy connecting through writing. The 4 lessons will take you through the whys, the creation and also the practical side of keeping track of it all. There is an additional exclusive bonus webinar from Kate Marrilat, Co-Author of Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life about Blogging From The Heart

Websites are still a great way to have your business promoting for you whilst you sleep. Here we go through the purpose of the website, how it will be out there working for you and we explain all the technical stuff! We also look at our emotions around website as there is nothing better to trigger our procrastination buttons than creating our websites!

By this time in the program you will have enough information, ideas and material to start planning your EFT business. Throughout these 5 lessons you will discover effective goal setting and action steps. We will explore your comfort zones, your relationship to planning the business and the support (emotional and practical) you will need along the way as your business starts to grow

Yes its right back here at module 13! After completing all the other modules you will have everything on a practical level you need to start attracting your clients more joyfully and easily. You will have been working on yourself emotionally too in preparation for this module. This module is a fun experiential module consisting of 4 lessons that are all energy, belief and emotion based. We step into the attraction and actualisation energy to create the energetical invitation to all your fabulous new potential clients who are just waiting for you to help them with their transformation

Here we step up the fun even further! We have a powerful future-self exercise within these 5 lessons. Here we explore many ways you can continue to emotionally and energetically build your EFT practice into the dream practice you had envisioned. From living in the question to embracing gratitude on a whole new level, this module is the last module within the program that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired to step into your awesomeness. The final lesson of the program is where you can sit back and chuckle whilst discover the manifesting bloopers that have happened along the way (a good learning experience of getting specific for your own manifesting!)


  • Realise Your Dreams using EFT Webinar series for practitioners
  • Empowering Action in your clients webinar
  • The 5 keys to creating conversation around EFT pack
  • GDPR webinar series
  • Client welcome pack template via canva
  • Social media calendar for 2022
  • Social media templates via canva
  • ebook template via canva
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So what’s the Investment??

The price for the program is normally £325 however as it’s the time of gratitude and also Susie’s upcoming birthday she has decided to make you an offer so that you can be ready for the awesome possibilities that 2022 can bring!

You can have all of the above for only one investment of £199.00.

This offer is only available from the 25th November to the 29th November

You will never have to pay anything else for this program again as it’s a one-off price for a program that you can use and refer back to time and time again.

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Why so cheap? Is there a catch?

No, there is no catch! You will not be up-selled to permanently either (as none of us enjoy that experience!) So Why, unlike other business coaches and programs out there is not 1000’s of dollars? This is down to Susie’s purpose and authentic living. Many of us don’t want to pay 1000’s of dollars whilst we explore the foundations of creating a business, some of us don’t have 1000’s of dollars to invest before we create our practices. We want a safe and supportive zone whilst we explore what we want and what we feel comfortable with. We want emotional and practical support that doesn’t break the bank because ultimately we want to be out there doing what we love – helping people to transform..

"Launching my new EFT business with Susie has been an incredible experience and I cannot recommend her enough. She challenged me so nicely to break through my own personal limitations to really step into my authentic power and she instilled in me the "I can do it" mentality. Her being supportive was really the ice on top of the cake. Her marketing and business skills are so effective and I have learned so much to really create a business that is shaped completely around me and my values. I am forever grateful to Susie for where I stand right now, owning my business power!"

Who is the academy run by?

The academy has been designed by EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, Susie Shelmerdine. Susie is also the author of the book, ‘Your EFT Business: The Essential Guide to Creating Your Dream Practice’.

With over 15 years experience in using EFT and one the first Matrix Reimprinting trainers in the world, Susie has created many of these techniques that she has used successfully with her clients and personally.

Known to her clients as the ‘homework queen’ Susie loves to empower her clients and program attendee’s to get the best of the techniques with lasting results. Susie’s personal experience of using these techniques shines through as she understands the journey that you are embarking on and will over deliver to inspire you, empower you and support you on your journey.

Susie walks her walk and talks her talk and loves creating deep transformation through fun, joy and ease.

Imagine if you felt:

Confident in expressing who you are and what you do with the world

At ease with marketing yourself and enjoyed the process

The limitations had transformed themselves into gorgeous glowing opportunities & possibilities

You could show up as who you really are and be received, accepted and loved for it

Confident in charging your clients your worth because you recognise the value the client is receiving by working with YOU

Join the community and start your journey into living your purpose for only: £199