This website and all content within has been released to you as a way to empower and inspire qualified and certified EFT practitioners in creating their practice. This site is for your personal development purely within the scope of setting up your business. It is assumed that all members will be in the process of or having already completed their certification.

As qualified practitioners it is deemed that you are knowledgeable to take full personal responsibility when working with your emotions and beliefs. However, we can all touch on issues that require additional support and help to resolve. Please contact a qualified practitioner to assist you if you feel you have been triggered or have strong emotional reactions to any of the content. A swap area in the forum has been created however it is your responsibility to check the qualification and experience of the practitioner you will be swapping with.

There are exercises here which are based on and utilise some of the basic principles from Matrix Reimprinting. This is not a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner certification and it is highly recommended that if you wish to use any of the techniques within the site that you undertake the Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner course. Matrix Reimprinting has very specific and powerful protocols with as a practitioner you must learn in an authorised training environment before using with your clients …. Click here for more information on how and where you can learn Matrix Reimprinting