What makes you unique as a practitioner?

This question can make a lot of people uncomfortable to answer. This question makes us ask ourselves about our unique and special qualities and sometimes this can feel ‘wrong’ to do so. We can feel we are being ‘egotistical’ or ‘big headed’ and it can feel unsafe to admit. It can bring up our insecurities and not only self judgments but our judgments about how others will perceive us.

However, by being able to answer this question with clarity and security is of great service your yourself and of immense service to your clients. It will also stop yourself from comparing yourself to other practitioners as you will gain a greater confidence in your own ‘talents’.

How does it make you feel when asked to name some of your unique qualities out loud?

What emotion, feelings or thoughts does it bring up in you? Use tapping to tune in and gain more clarity if you had a reaction to these questions

When did you first feel like this? Or from whom did you learn your response from? When did you first learn it was not safe to name your uniqueness out loud?

Get specific and use the EFT movie technique or the Matrix Memory Reimprinting to aid you in releasing any negative emotion or beliefs holding you back.

As practitioners, we often describe what we do as being an  ‘EFT Practitioner’ and then proceed to tell people about these amazing tapping techniques. But EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and other modalities are just that …… amazing transformative techniques that YOU use. They are not your uniqueness!

Your uniqueness is found in your own life experiences, your own application of the techniques, your personal understanding of the clients you work with and your own personality. This is what the clients what to ‘buy’. Whilst they may want to experience and use the techniques, it is not the specific the tools they are looking for when searching for a practitioner. They are looking for the right person to help them in their transformative journey …. ‘People buy people’.

The truth is that your future and potential clients need you to share your uniqueness so that they know who you are and what you are offering. It’s by you speaking clearly to them about who you and what you genuinely offer that will spark their interest in working specifically with you.

What are 3 unique points about you that you offer your clients?

Choose 3 that really resonate with you …. Not what you think what the client wants to hear.

Also, be as specific as you can …. If you say, ‘my caring nature’ take that a step further …. What is your caring nature? ….  How does it show itself in your lives and in others? The more specific you get the more you will find the words and meanings that really resonate for you.

Your uniqueness will become the basis of your ‘message’ to new and potential clients. It becomes like your lighthouse beacon … shining to those you can be of best service to. As your clients speak to you, or read / see your promotion they will have a greater resonance, a greater sense of trust and a deeper connection to you instantly.

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