What is your “Big Why’?

We are driven to create our practices mainly to help our clients with these amazing transformative tools. Whilst these reasons are certainly part of our life purpose and are the catalyst to us finding the work we love, they are not the ‘big why’ to starting our own business. Your big why is much more internal and focused on you. It is the inspiration and motivation that will drive you forward through the overwhelm, the procrastination and those days where you feel like chucking in the towel. We all have these days by the way!

What do you want your business to give you, Mentally, Spiritually and Physically?   Understanding, knowing and admitting what you really want your business to give you, is the first foundation to creating the business of your dreams. Being able to admit this without the fear of judgement from yourself and others if the first step to becoming clear on your future goals.

Ask yourself …….

Why do I want my business to succeed? What do I want my business to give me? Be completely honest and allow the answers to develop. For the majority of you this will take time as you look through the layers of needs and wants, expectations and fears, into the place where you can say …… this is the life I want my business to give me. As I was writing this down I realised there is an easy way to break this down in to different areas to help give you more clarity ……

  • What financial support are you wanting your business to provide you with
  • What lifestyle are you wanting your business to provide you with?What emotional fulfilment are you wanting your business to provide you with? (look past the emotion of working with clients and also identify the life emotions you wish you business to provide)
  • What spiritual fulfilment are you wanting your business to provide you with?

When you start to answer these questions then your ‘Big Why’ becomes easier to identify. This is about the true exchange …… your are offering your services and time in exchange for assistance in building the life you dream about. Becoming clear and aware of the true exchange for you, enables you to build a strong foundation in the business. And, the money clients/workshop attendee’s give to you is just the financial assistance in helping you have that life.

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2 responses

  1. I love these thought provoking questions Susie. It’s not until we start to delve deeper into this ‘why’ paradigm that we can truly begin to understand the fundamentals of what we’re really working towards. It’s obvious that people like you and I, who are in this kind of work, want to help others. As you say though, these are extrinsic motivators are not enough to get us over the hurdles when the ***T hits the fan & bills need to be paid. It’s the intrinsic motivators which are the catalyst for change & I’m really appreciating diving deeper into these questions you ask, so that I may serve myself & others from a place of Greatness & Empowerment, rather than grappling need & stressed desperation. Thank you so much. With love xxx

    1. Mary Jane, thank you so much for your beautiful comment and I am glad you are enjoying the questions and diving deeper into your greatness. I have lots more questions coming out to you soon to help inspire you and empower you further. As you said so eloquently, the more we discover about the ‘why’ we really begin to step into our power. ***t will still hit the fan occasionally but once we gain our power and passion, the energy around that fan will be completely different! ;0)

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