Are you looking for affordable guidance, support and resources as you create the EFT practice that fulfils your dreams and purpose?

Have you found yourself

Imagine if you were

Supported not only with the practical ‘how to’s’ but also with the emotional challenges that come up along your way

Aligned with your business and that you were serving your new potential clients and not selling to them

Confident and capable in your abilities to speak about what you do

Whether you are wanting 2 EFT clients a week or 20 EFT clients a week then help is here …..

Your EFT Business Online Program

Your EFT Business is all about helping you to joyfully and easily connect, plan and promote your business in a way that is comfortable to you!

So....what's included in the program?

14 Modules

50+ hours of learning

We start by identifying, clarifying and communicating your purpose along with your whys and wants. After which they embark on a journey of guiding you through the emotional blocks which can arise as well as the practical adventures you will embark on. Creating a strong foundation and alignment to your business is essential and also makes the practical work a lot easier.


Content full Membership Site

Along with the modules you will discover our recommended section, the rolodex of great resources, additional bonus webinars and marketing resources.

Group Live Events

Monthly Members Calls

Each month we have a zoom call which enables members to connect with one another and to Susie. It offers a great chance to support and encourage one another whilst having your questions answered.



A Facebook group keeps us connected with one another in between the monthly calls.

Guest presenters pop in to our community to offer their expertise to the members.

And let’s talk about the bonuses
(I think we all love some extra freebie’s)

Realise Your Dreams using EFT Webinar series for practitioners

Empowering Action in your clients webinar

Build your EFT Business with Facebook

Canva Templates for Social Media, eBooks & PowerPoint

The 5 keys to creating conversation around EFT pack

Social media calendar for 2022

Just to clarify...

this program is not:

the program is:

Hi there, I’m Susie

I am the creator of the Your EFT Business Online Program which inspires and empowers EFT Practitioners to create the practice of their dreams. When I first started out as an EFT Practitioner I had minus figures in the bank and went on to create an EFT and Training practice that enabled me to live my dreams.

My career started in recruitment and conference organising after which I set up my own entertainment company. A chronic and disabling illness led me on the road to discovering EFT. I achieved a 100% recovering and became an Internationally recognised EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, delivering courses in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA.

My passion is helping EFT practitioners to become confident and capable as they create their own unique practice and share with their clients the transformation opportunities and possibilities that EFT offers

Have some questions?

There is no catch. Yes, you are getting a lot for your money and that is exactly what the purpose of this program is. I want to break down the barriers of people being able to get themselves out there. Affordability is key.

Not for the program. It is a one-time purchase price and the content (and any future content) is accessible to you.

The program is designed for you to easily click through to which part you wish to access. You can work at your own speed.

Yes, the program is here to stay and so worth buying at the discounted price. You can also start with the beginning modules straight away as they will help you really decide what it is you want to create and it gives you lots of time to get aligned.

No-one likes that so the answer is no. I believe that by undertaking this program you will create a strong foundation to your business. If you choose to progress on with someone else to create a 6 figure business that’s great. But I definitely won’t be upselling you more and more. That style doesn’t fit my purpose and alignment.

The Your EFT Business identifies both the practical AND emotional steps that need to be addressed when creating your practice. It is an online program that you work through at your own pace. You are therefore accountable to yourself. Group tapping sessions or One to One sessions aren’t included in this price but are available if you choose.

The Price Commitment:

As with everything in the world, prices are going up everywhere and I too, am facing having to put up my prices. However I am trying to keep this program affordable and therefore it is on sale for the final time at £199.00.

This is a limited time offer and is exceptional value for the amount of quality tailored content you will receive.

One off payment for lifetime access

A Re-cap of what you will receive

Full access to:

£ 199
  • Get instant access to the entire program and save £130