Canva Templates

Your Canva templates to get creative with!

Please note: Instruction videos are currently being prepared and will be added within the next week 

These designs have been made exclusively for Your EFT Business Members. They are copyrighted to Your EFT Business however all members have permission to use, change and share as they wish. However selling them is strictly forbidden. We also ask that you do not share the links with anyone unless they are a member within the Your EFT Business Program.


You must have a Canva account and be logged in to access these files joyfully and easy 

Don’t have a Canva account yet? Click here to go to Canva.Com

Once you open the link you MUST create a copy and use the copy to make your edits and changes. As this is a shared template if you do not make a copy then you will be altering the template for everyone! (We do have backs up in case this happens)


Click on the link below and it will open up Canva

Click on FILE on the left hand side at the top

Click on MAKE A COPY

A new page will open with the name ‘Copy of ….. ‘

Use this template to make your changes.


The only thing stopping you is your imagination! However you can …

  • Change the colours
  • Change the text
  • Change the font
  • Change the photos (drag and drop)

If you don’t have an account with Canva don’t worry! You can go to and create a free account.

The photos included were stock photos from Canva Pro and so you may incur a cost for downloading the tapping points photo’s. This is because they are paid stock photos that Canva allows Pro users to use. Once you have started exploring Canva you will be able to see how much you will be using it to decide whether it’s more cost effective to upgrade or not.

You can however upload your own tapping photos and create a unique document to yourself absolutely free of charge.

You can also change out any Pro images to free stock photos within the Canva photo library

** Please note: Instruction videos are currently being prepared and will be added within the next week 


(Remember to make your copy after opening them)

Tapping Guide Brochure

A great handout or pdf to give your new clients explaining the points. Edit the pages to create your own personal guide.

Click here to open the Tapping Guide

Client Welcome Pack

A more in-depth pack for your clients which include areas for you to write your terms and conditions, your agreement with the client, your commitment to the client, your payment terms etc. The tapping points are also included

Click here to open the Client Welcome Pack

Lead Magnet / Ebook

Create any pdf document you wish to help you promote or brand your EFT practice. The sky is the limit from Pdf’s to give away as freebies to workbooks.

Click here to open the Lead Magnet / Ebook 

Webinar / Powerpoint

Creating a powerpoint for a webinar can be stressful enough. With a few clicks of a button you can easily edit to create a professional but beautifully looking powerpoint joyfully and easily

Click here to open the Webinar / Powerpoint

Social Media posts

There are three sets of social media posts which will adapt easily to social media platforms including Instagram. Edit them to create a branded presence on your social media pages

Click here to open the Blush tone Social Media Template
Click here to open the Pastel tone Social Media Template
Click here to open the Purple tone Social Media Template

Stories – NEW!

We have started the Facebook / Instagram stories posts. A story is a powerful way to reach your audience and new potential clients. Here is what we have so far ……

Click here to open the Stories Social Media Template

Facebook Cover – NEW!

Want a great looking cover for your Facebook page that converts?

Check out the new designs we have here