Discover more about yourself so that you can explain EFT more easily and Joyful

This offer ends at midnight on Friday 29th January 2021

Module One is packed full of information including

How your purpose is the key to igniting your conversations

Your Big Why which explores the real reasons you want to create your own EFT practice

Align your purpose and your EFT business

Create Your Zing!

There are 4 video lessons each with audio files and workbooks available in this lesson. There is also a bonus recording of my ‘Discover Your Zing’ Teleseminar included within the module for you to listen to.

There is over 2 ½ hour worth of content within this module but lots of practical and emotional exercises for you to work one. This one module keeps most of my program busy for a few weeks and is it an indepth module that helps you reach the core of you so that you can reach the core of your new potential clients.

Grab this offer whilst it’s there: I can’t promise that I will just sell a one-off module from the Your EFT Business Program again.