It’s my day!! And I am following Karls lead and gifting you 2 presents!!

An exercise for everyone
A webinar for EFT Practitioners who are looking to create / develop their EFT Practice

The 9th day of Christmas

Susie sent to me

Magnetise Your Manifesting Mojo!

Lets start the 2021 with a a little manifesting magnetisation!

Here is an exercise which I feature in the Your EFT Business Online Program which I thought would boost your fist few days into 2021

The 5 Foundation keys to Creating Your Dream EFT Practice

This webinar was recorded solely for this 12 days giveaway. I even wore my xmas jumper!

I hope it inspires and empowers you

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Susie Shelmerdine loves to inspire, empower and encourage everyone to live the life they dream of living. Susie specialises in empowering EFT Practitioners in creating the business of their dreams. She translates business so that it becomes much more joyful and easy. Susie is an Author, EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner and Trainer and a big kid at heart!

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