Which Famous People are using EFT???

  Whilst hosting my recent webinar ‘Creating Conversation Around EFT’ I promised that I would publish an article with all the celebrities, famous and well-known people that I am aware of using EFT. When it comes to conversing about EFT, sometimes a little name-dropping can help. Why? It is a great conversation starter and people […]

How do you gain testimonials when you don’t have enough clients yet?

As we step out in our early days as practitioners and we are working on our promotional information there is one thing that can bring up our insecurities and ultimately lead to procrastination:  Testimonials!  All the business experts say testimonials, testimonials, testimonials! Why? Because they build a level of trust and demonstrate you’re capabilities. They […]

Discover the biggest myth I was ever told about business and how it turned to be a contradiction of itself

When I was young girl starting out in the corporate world there was one saying that seemed to be a mantra;  There is no room for emotion in business!  Really?!! Emotion was always seen as a weakness and not a strength. It was not ok to ‘feel’. However, this was the biggest contradiction as every […]