It’s our final day today!

The time we take down the trees and decorations, pack it all away and hope that next year will be much more of a physical festive connection with our loved ones.

No matter, how your holidays panned out, I hope you have enjoyed the 12 days and it has brought at least a little festive cheer to you all.

So here is your last present:

The 12th day of Christmas

Andrea sent to me

On our last day of Christmas we have another Live Tapping event for you from Andrea Bird.  

This is a LIVE Event and obviously you need a little preparation time for that.

So, on Monday 11th January 2021 at 8pm UK time you are invited to join the Matrix Collective to tap along absolutely Free!

This is normally a paid event, however if you enter the coupon code 12days you will receive access completely free.

Click here to sign up for this live event

Please use promo code – 12days

About Andrea

Andrea Bird is passionate about working with collective consciousness and has been holding online events throughout the year. After being introduced to tapping in the collective by Kate Marillat and Karl Dawson, Andrea has continued and developed this work bringing community to our tapping and using our tapping skills to work on global themes.

Visit Andreas website & find out more –